Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Loving at present....

At the moment I am loving...
  1. Fragrant long hot baths before bedtime
  2. Sally Williams nougat and milk chocolate bars
  3. Comfy and warm bathrobes on little kids early in the morning.
  4. 4 Nights of 3 kids sleeping through (I should not write it here for the fear of jinxing it)
  5. The sauna at the gym to help along the sinusses.
  6. Woollies chocolate lollies to dip into my afternoon cup of coffee. My sweet treat for the day.
  7. Tea and biscuits with Hunter before bedtime.
  8. The fact that Woollies support Deaf SA - I had such a friendly deaf young lady helping me today. She taught me how to sign "Thank you".
  9. Any butternup soup - be it home made or even Cup a soup.
  10. "Auto- B-Good" series of DVD's - my word, are they cute and such great positive and Christian messages. The kids love them. Locally for sale at CNA for the great price of about 50 rond.
  11. ProbiFlora Intensive 9 strain - seem to be my life saver with my IBS at present. 
  12. And tonight is Bookclub night! Yeah!
So what are you loving at present? What are your favorites?


  1. I love my lavender oil bath at night as it gets me to sleep through without waking up.
    My blackberry as I can be in touch with everyone back home so much easier as they all have BB so we can use the Chat for free.
    70% Dark chocolate with caramel bits
    My camera, never without, goes everywhere with me
    My computer, another tool to stay in contact with family and friends.
    My mini cooper S, can over the slow cars and huge trucks without me worrying I won't make it.
    And more than anything else my husband...

  2. Am loving - hot bubble baths and then snuggly pj's
    milo before bed
    the new longer length snuggly knits that are in fashion
    my trollbeads
    flat shoes & boots
    being able to stay in bed later in the mornings!

  3. I like that you celebrate simple pleasures....

  4. sounds like comfort all around!

    some of my favorite things are
    * iced cappuccinos
    * my new remote start on our van
    * vanilla coconut lotion
    * the stack of gift cards sitting on my counter that I'm trying to decide what to spend them on!

  5. I love long warm baths...but with the water restrictions in PE it is a no-no!

    Love nougat and butternut soup...I have a lovely recipe for it.

    Another nice thing about Woolies is that they support our Mission big time.

  6. We recently discovered the Auto-b-Good dvd series and my adore them.

    I love hot bubble baths and Saturday morning lie-ins.

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day - always exciting to have new visitors :-)


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