Monday, 17 May 2010

All about second chances...

Playing along with Cheryl.
So what makes my Monday? Well, I guess the fact that we are all alive and well certianly does. We had a little scare with Little man L yesterday, but enough about that. Then this morning my laptop's power supply exploded in my hand. I nearly wet (really!) myself but I am fine. Using old spare power supply at present.

Nope, what really makes my Monday is that two very sweet and very in love people got married on Saturday at the beautiful Diamond Hill. This was all about second chances too - second chance to love and be happy. I loved the one bit that the minister said in her service- God took a rib out of Adam - under his heart, which is a safe place for a woman to be. Not in his foot, to trample on his wife and not in his head so that she can sit on top of it. So, a few pictures to share - who does not love to look at wedding pics? (of course I am keeping the best one for 365)
The shoes thing - the groom, groomsmen and ring bearer all wore sneakers.
Ahww - cute - the flower girl and ring bearer.
The blessing.
The bridal bouquet was just stunning. All the flowers and table decorations by the groom's dad. The cute table gifts were salt an pepper pots for each couple.
I sucumed to a little Big Blue dress ( of which you can see very little here)
For dancing, the bride exchanged her beautiful shoes for silver sneakers - if you work for Superga, I guess it's cool!


  1. I am so jealous of your beautiful photos!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, they are STUNNING!

    And I love unconventional weddings - LOVE the sneakers :)

    Very Father of the Bride, but better.

    And the two of you looked great.

    P.S. You've no doubt guessed that you've been added to my GR - now I can stalk you hahaha

  2. The bridal bouquet is so pretty!

  3. VERY different wedding to the one I attended on the shoes...and the photo's are awesome once again, can see you enjoy your camera as well...

  4. Beautiful photos! The last wedding we attended had the same bit about the rib and the head and the foot. :)

    Scary scary power supply. Sorry. :(

  5. Love the sneaker touch;-)

    Also love the use of proteas...gorgeous photos Cat.

  6. What a GORGEOUS wedding!! I LOVE the flowers! So unique!!

  7. Stunning photos - although i looked and looked and see no pic of you in a Big Blue dress - where art tho I ask?

    Love the table settings.

    I hope these 2 will be very happy.

    How cute is that little flower girl??

  8. Just above the text Shayne - just covered with my standard little purple jacket.

  9. Love the outfit :) and love the takkies!
    And what a stunning venue!
    What happened with L though?

  10. I'm all for new beginnings! Love the photo's! :D

  11. What happened to L??

    You and H look great on your night out!

  12. Beautiful photos! looks like a very happy couple. :-)

  13. I hope your lil man is ok!!

    I already commented on many of your pics on FB but am still astounded by those beautiful flowers! wow! And I love the fun sneakers for the wedding party!

  14. Lovely wedding, I am all for 2nd chances! I love love love Big Blue and I usually just don't go in otherwise I do not come out without my cc still intact.
    Glad you and Little Man L are okay, sounds like both were a bit hectic.

  15. Wow, I'm glad everyone is ok!
    Lovely wedding photos.

  16. What an incredible celebration! (and LOVE the photo of you and your handsome make a gorgeous couple) So glad Little Man is okay...the festivities and that he is fine Make My Monday...thanks so much for playing along, Cat!

  17. You pictures are superb and I LOVE your silver heels!


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