Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Me- 5 things.

I have been tagged by the charming (and lovely) Laura of Harassed mom for a challenge that Sally started. This one had me scratching in the archive and thinking really hard because you have to place 5 pictures of yourself that you really like and list 5 things about yourself that you really like.

As I am more often than not the one behind the camera (the way I like it), it took a bit of thinking and searching on the ole backup hard drive.

I really like this one with Hunter - we were so happy and relaxed at the wedding in April.
 Me and the princess in Cape Town in November last year. I love this one because when I saw it I realized that regardless of how many things I really have an issue with regarding my body, I still look ok for 40.
This is one of my all time favorites taken by a professional photographer (and I can not find his website!) in December 2007. Cropped, this is still my Google profile pic and used to be my Facebook one too.
 On my 40th birthday party doing the Magaliesburg treetops tour. I loved the day and the event - it was just what I wanted.
I had to include this one - Hunter's favorite of me and possibly the prettiest ever as I was all dressed up and so happy on our big day. Photograph by Partick Furter.

5 Things that I like about myself:
  1. I love my hair - 3 times in my life I almost lost it (once completely) and I really appreciate this curly frizzy mess - I promise to do a post about this - I have to. I love that it grows easily and that I really experiment with it. Currently I am growing once again.
  2. I love my boobs - I used to love them more in their DD pert and young state, but now the smaller B/C is just so much more comfy.
  3. I think my eyes are the part of me that people notice first - and I like them because they are so expressive.
  4. My nose is the best possibly available in the gene pool and believe me we have some seriously weird ones. It's a copy of granny Kate's and I am proud of it.
  5. My skin colour - it is darker, almost Mediterranean in colour and is really great and easy to tan and at least in winter I do not look like a white rat.
Now the fun part - to tag 5 friends. I am going to keep it local (well Candice used to be local) this time and tag:

Shayne of Time Out, Lynette of A work in progress, Candice of Wolf's on Safari, Marcia of 1,2,3,blog and Karen of Momagain @ 40.


  1. Thank you for tagging me - i so wanted to play along with this!

    I love your choice of photos.

    My fav of you - your wedding one (so classic & stylish and timeless), the one of you and your princess (the prof one) and the one of you and Hunter.

    Lovely lovely pics.

    Thanks for sharing - i need to dig deeeeeeep too!

  2. Can I add one more?

    You have a GORGEOUS smile!

    Will do your tag tomorrow

  3. I love the picture of your wedding day. You looked beautiful!!

  4. I liked this post very much. :)

  5. You are such a gorgeous woman. Stunning, stunning bride!!

    Thanks for the tag.

  6. Thanks Cat! This will get me thinking, for sure... :D
    Love your pics!

  7. You look great in all those pictures!!

  8. wowsa!! You look absolutely STUNNING in your wedding photo! Seriously like a movie star!!! WOW!

  9. Lovely, lovely were such a beautiful man's heart must have stopped when he saw you walking down the aisle.

    Thank you for the tag...this one is going to be fun...I will post later today;-)

  10. What a stunning post, love every photo you chose for this are beautiful and look amazing for 40...I was so overweight at 40 and frustrated at what I was looking like, so well done to you.
    You made a beautiful bride, love that photo of well..stunning dress.

    Loved reading all bout your...and love the fact you love your boobs as I always loved mine.

  11. Okay, done!

    I loved doing it actually - so thanks for the tag

  12. I love this post - it was great learing new things about you. Beautiful pictures!

  13. So lovely. These are all great!!! I also like your hair - has curl to it but doesnt look over curly like my daughters :)

  14. You are so BEAUTIFUL! Your words and your photos...I will agree you look fabulous for 40 and the photo of you on your wedding day...breath taking... swinging in the tree tops...BRAVE!!! Really awesome, but really BRAVE!!!

  15. This is such an awesome meme! Beautiful photos, and I'm so jealous of your hair that grows quickly!

  16. Love the one of you and the princess!

  17. You so look good for 40:) How brave are you, doing the tree top thing, I am poop bang! I love your wedding photo and understand why it is one of Hunters favourites. Your daughter is really a little beauty - has daddy got a shot gun:)

  18. PS (a year later) my friends K & B (wedding in April) also had their wedding pics by the same guy

  19. @514f25c0eb5637cae364644e0b61805b:disqus I hope they were happy - I love his pictures. And I love how you read back in my  posts


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