Sunday, 23 May 2010


Candice and Marcelle (private blog) tagged me for this one.

The directions:

1) Go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder.
2) Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3) Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4) Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same.

As I have done this one before I decided to use the current hard drive of my laptop (only this year's pictures) and not my big photo archive on the loose hard drive that I used last time.
The Lil Miss in February this year before bedtime in her Barbie PJ's. Not a great photographic moment but a good memory.

Well, it's Saturday crazy hour and the kidlets are hugely busy and I really have only only a few minutes to blog - so, if you read here and am looking for a subject to blog about today - tag, you're it!


  1. Thanks for being a sport and playing along...I actually noticed Candice had tagged both you and me and thought...but I want to tag you as well as you one of my photo blogger friends and not part of the weight loss blogger tagged you anyway.
    These type of tags I enjoy, the ones where I have to write about myself etc etc, I try skip!!
    I do that anyway on my Monday blog.

    Have you found a partner photo blogger for the Team Up Thursday yet??

  2. I swear, A cannot take a bad pic!!!

  3. Cute pic - shows her personality beautifully.

    Happy crazy hour (at least they slept this arvi!)

  4. Oh, I love these photo-folder memes...and looks like you've got a happy camper there!

  5. Wow! Slice of life! Very cute!


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