Thursday, 24 June 2010


Hey, Thursday and team-up time:

I chose "Balance " as the topic for the week.
First, Shayne's:
I had a few options to use for this theme and I just couldn't decide.  So settled on this.  Very literal interpretation of the word.  But let me explain nontheless.  I could not resist buying this little 'Gardening Angel' from my favourite gift shop in our little dorpie (town).  But golly, she just does not hang.  No matter what I do she falls down.  I don't think there is an distribution of weight.  So i finally decided to put her in this flower pot - but she is very precariously balanced.  The slightest breath of wind and boom, down she goes.  But i refuse to give in and this is where she is going to stay!


I had so many other ideas in mind when I chose "balance" as a theme - the princess balancing on one of the garden hedges like she often does, or trying to do a yoga pose. When I just stumbled on this one, impromptu happening on the patio, I decided to snap it. Little man C decided that puzzle boxes make great towers. Balancing them is hard hard work.

Other teams participating:
Marcelle and Kerstin


  1. Great interpetations on the theme - love the angle on your block shot Cat. Def a theme we would love to use in the future, just thinking about it has all my creative juices flowing :0)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are architects like their mommy LOL

  3. Loved your interpretations of balance :-)

  4. BOTH ARE GREAT...I love each story with the photo..
    Well done team!!

  5. Love this so much! Am having lots of fun and you're a fab partner.

  6. Oh my goodness! Look at all those boxes. Love it! :)

  7. what a fun photo!! And I'm impressed with his skills!!

  8. I love both interpretations of the concept:-)

  9. I love yours. It is truly what a mom of young children would think of!


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