Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I know, I know...

I have really been very quiet around the blogsphere but I had my in-laws over for the weekend, a family wedding and Fathers day in the mix. Plus a half day work yesterday to attend to the most urgent in order to get some last minute time in with my FIL before he returns to Port Elizabeth. My fabulous MIL is still staying for another week. Yeah! In this week, I will sleep better (she sleeps in the room with the boys so that we can rest a bit), get home at night to fully cooked meals while she teaches the meal of the day to Lucy to improve her menu options, and have lovely company. You can tell I love my MIL!

In other super fabulous news I managed to book really cheap flights to Cape Town for me and the princess to visit my SIL and BIL in 3 weeks time - the first time ever I actually managed to book on a Kulula special - and that the last weekend in the school holidays. I am super excited. I am keeping it as a surprise for her tonight - she is going to freak out completely. And today is Bafana bafana's very last chance (although slim) to go through to round two. Let's hope! And support in full force.

So onto Fathers day 2010:
I really wanted to do a great post about how fab Hunter is and what fab dad he is, but my regular readers know he is and I just did not have time on Staurday. Truly, he is the absolute best dad ever and just as great a hubby. Seeing that we were going to a wedding for lunch on Fathers day, I was left with breakfast as a treat. It was extra special to have my FIL there as well. I made croissants (thanks Woollies), scrambled eggs and several toppings and spreads. With our famous house coffee it was a big hit all round. They also both loved their presents - ever practical Hunter got some track suits etc.

The wedding was Hunter's cousin getting married to her prince from Namibia - truly a love story they will be able to tell their kids some day. It was small and intimate and really enjoyable. So, what would a post be without wedding pictures?
Even the family happy snapper (me) had a second shoot for the day - Uncle Bert asked Hunter to also take photos - I am busy editing about 700 pictures from both the cameras. So, the family photographers of the day:

I really loved the bride's little wrist bouquet -I thought it was so special. Her dress was also truly beautiful - the material exquisite.


  1. I love weddings! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

  2. Gorgeous pics but I can only see the ones on the left???

    And good luck with those 700 - i swear organising photos is the thing that constantly keeps me on my toes!

  3. Sorry Marcia - I publish in wide screen. Should stop doing it, I guess.

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  5. Beautiful wedding! I love weddings!

  6. What a beautiful wedding!! You guys look GREAT!!

  7. As always, gorgeous pics.

    My fav? The one of the flowers & candle at the table - stunning.

    Yay to cheap tickets to CT!

  8. Gorgeous photos and you looked beautiful my dear;-D

    Your MIL sounds like a gem.

  9. You can just see the love and happiness in those photos - they made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Just beautiful pictures.....

    Looks like it was a lovely wedding.

    Thank you for posting them.

    Have a terrific day!


  11. Glad you got some cheap tickets, hope you'll have nice weather in CT.

  12. You and Hunter look so perfect together :-)

    And how fabulous does your MIL sound? I wish I could say the same for mine...


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