Friday, 25 June 2010

It was one of those...

days yesterday - the ones all moms look forward to - NOT!

At 10:15 the school calls, the Lil Miss is not feeling well, has tummy cramps and feels nauseous.Between two meetings I rush to pick her up, buy Coke and Energade and take her home, where thankfully I have both Lucy and my MIL to help out. When I get to the school she has already started puking and I go home with a bag full of soiled clothes - and she in her spare set that we have to leave in their school bags. On the way home we stop on the sidewalk for another session.

Once at home, all she wants is mommy who rushes to make the Coke and rehydrate mix and feed some Buscopan, switch on a DVD and comfort her on the couch. I make it back to work just in time for my 11 o'clock meeting - I am Wonder woman I tell you. At times I fly! (Does she even fly?)

My MIL kindly decided to make some lasagne for dinner and another two for my freezer so in amongst a  sick kid and my mom insisting to take her to lunch, she cooks. No maybe she is Wonder woman? When I get home at 5  the princess is has stopped puking but is very tired. MIL is rushing in the kitchen because due to above factors she has not managed to finish her cooking. Just in time for dinner, the one lasagna is finished and I dish some up for the boys. Little man L finish a huge portion - his brother refuses to eat but drinks his milk. I should have know.....

So we proceed upstairs to bath the kids - the princess is so tired that she just falls into our bed and sleep without a bath. I force manage to get some energade into her before she falls asleep. My MIL and I bath the boys and put them to bed. After getting downstairs, me feeding the dogs and she back to the lasagna factory once again Little Man C starts crying - I let him cry because it is the usual thing - he stops in a short while. The next moment Little Man L shouts - "Mamma kom kyk" (Mom come see) to find Little Man C joining the puking fest. So MIL leaves the lasagna behind, we clean bed and kid and take him downstairs to monitor. I phone Hunter, who is working late to bring more rehydrate. My MIL sits with sick kid as I load the bedding and clothes in the washing machine and the I swap with her so that she can at last finish the lasagna.  Hunter takes over when he comes home and we eat at about 9pm.We were expecting an eventful night with no 3 joining and at least 2 kids puking.

At about 9:30 Little man C has not had another session - just the one - so I put him in his own bed and my MIL kindly offers to check on him during the night. I make a mattress bed for the princess in our room and move her there, my MIL and I both have a bath and go to bed (Hunter has to watch his bit of soccer before bedtime). And guess what? We had a puke free night. Totally. The princess woke up twice - once to ask for her energade to drink and once to visit the loo. For the rest we slept. Wonders never cease to happen.


  1. Ag shame man- poor pumkins. Hate it when the kids are sick.

  2. There is nothing quite like kids puking to cast a shadow of doom upon everything!

    Glad that you did have a sleepy night tho.

    Hope no more 'repeats' of yesterday.

  3. That sounds HECTIC! Hope everyone is feeling better now?

  4. Oh no! I hate those days. We fortunately only had one puke incident the past three weeks and I think it was due to someone running around too much in the heat outside. Touch wood!!

  5. Rough day but glad you made it through the night! We got hit with the flu last week, too. I got a call on my way to pick them up at the end of the day that Sarah was throwing up. I get them home (Daddy's working late, out of town) and try to start dinner while rushing to help her in the bathroom repeatedly. While I'm making dinner, I start to feel whoozy. I attempt to eat dinner in hopes its just feeling icky from watching Sarah...but no luck. We get Adam to bed and while reading stories to the twins, it hits me...ugh!!!

    Sarah and I stayed home the next day and laid on the couch but thankfully the illness didn't keep us up all night. Paul got a touch of it a few days later but no puking. Adam ran a fever for a few days too but no other issues. Amazingly Jacob seemed to avoid it all together!!

    Hope everyone is healthy!

  6. I hope everyone is on the mend now!

  7. Wow! There is never a dull moment in the life of a mom, especially a working mom! What a crazy day. Glad the night was uneventful and hope all are feeling better and that you or hubby didn't catch the bug! Love the new pics of all of you on your sidebar!!

  8. Maybe they aren't that new...maybe I've just been too busy with the twins to notice. Love them though:)

  9. Oh groan....stories like this makes me happy my little people days are over!!!

  10. Aw man, sounds rough. I trust they are feeling better now. Thank goodness you had your MIL to help you!!


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