Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday - 27 August 2010

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily

  21 August 2010:

Miss Kaitlyn at Greenlyn shopping centre.

  23 August 2010:

Two little men got their first pair of slip-slops.

  24 August 2010:

Often the first sign of Spring - our jasmine bush in full bloom.

  26 August 2010:

Low light in the last rays of of the afternoon on my kitchen counter.


  1. I actually checked daughters outfit to make sure all pics were taken on separate days....LOL ~ why did I do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but I did....
    heheheeh, hubby asking me why I'm smiling...he wont understand.

    Love the pic of the tea party...
    The flip flops...will have to buy my grandson a pair when in CT...he loves Spiderman.
    The tear...oh bless her.
    Spring for you and autumn on the way for me...i see the leaves lying on the ground and I feel sad...summer is nearly over here in Europe.
    Stunning pic the last one, love the color.

    Have an awesome weekend.
    Am posting my 365 tomorrow...its all ready as leaving early and wont have time to set it all out.

  2. Very special photos...I love the ones of your princess and the one with the tear...oh man, what a moment to capture.

  3. That tear shot is priceless!!

  4. LOVE the tear shot!

    Was this week better for you?

    I came home yesterday and Kendra was playing in her cot with old tears on her face too - oh I melted! As you know she doesn't like being left by herself while her brother's being bathed.

    If I show D those flip flops he'll buy Connor a pair! :)

  5. Oh my such gorgeous pictures. :)

  6. I adore the one of Lil Miss on the tire swing. So dreamy!! And so sweet with that lingering tear!

  7. The swing one is very good. I like the textures on the flower in the last one too.


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