Thursday, 19 August 2010


When Cat decided on pink for this weeks theme I was delighted.  My littlest is a pinkaholic so I knew there would be no shortage of subject matter.  Then I went of my photo course and all my ideas went out the window.  I then had visions of a stunning pink karoo sunset - which my teacher agreed with.  But then we did some portrait shots in the location and I came home with this shot and loved it.  Granted there is only a dash of pink, but the I love the expression on her face (Anelma was her name) and the soft morning light.  She loved posing for us and I felt that her face was so full of character. She has the most beautiful smiley eyes and laughter lines and is a beautiful woman inside and out.  I feel honoured that she allowed us into her home and to capture her and her family as we did
I chose pink from the lovely cloud reflections on Shayne's picture last week. This is the latest tutu I made, with the picture taken when the early morning sun hit it as it was lying on the dining room table very early Saturday morning. I immediately thought the light was great and only later realized that I had my "pink" picture
I have to say that Shayne's picture is excellent. Absolutely excellent.  My favorite of hers thus far.
For some more team-ups:


  1. Oh Cat, thank you for the compliment. I have to say I love mine too!

    But yours tugs at my heartstrings too - had I not been away taking photo's mine would have been very similar to yours.

    Aren't we lucky we have little girls in our lives to 'pink' things up somewhat?

  2. Wow, Shayne, the reflection of light on the face is stunning!
    The pink tutu is PINK! Also great!
    Well done!

  3. Well done cat ~ I saw this tutu this week on a photo with your daughter..its perfect for your PINK theme.

  4. I love the fact I am sure I will be making one for my little one as soon as she understands what a ballerina is...

  5. Pink is my favorite color and you guys did it justice:-)

  6. Oh wow...great photos guys!!!

  7. Beautiful photography from both of you. Love the look on Anelma's face and I still want instructions to make a tutu for my grand daughter;-)

  8. the tutu is absolutely gorgeous, was looking for one to rent the other day to photograph my daughter, but nothing. . .
    Your photo is beautiful, love it:)

  9. Great subject! LOVE the shot of the older woman. She is just lovely and her face tells so many stories.

    Cat, I would LOVE to see that entire tutu. It looks adorable :)


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