Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday 3 September 2010

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily
Hosted by Chris
  27 August 2010:

 Their favorite little cat bulldozers. We saw one working on the vacant erf accross the road, then they had to give theirs a good run.

  29 August 2010:

Lunch with friends at the Dros in Hatfield. The worst service ever, but a lot of laughs. I love the natural feel of this picture.

  30 August 2010:

Without a doubt my most favorite corner in the garden - every year the irises bloom in abandon.

  2 September 2010:

 Lucy and I are busy with a bit of Spring cleaning and decluttering after work every day. I am rather enjoying doing it and particularly the results. But it made me forgot to take a photo. So I did a Jenty and switched on the kitchen lights and took a picture. I think it came out fine. My new favorite perfume. Smells divine. (Essence de femme by Hugo Boss)


  1. LOL, love the "did a jenty" ;) turned out quite well :)
    I also love irises :) but those have been destroyed by the huskies :(

  2. The truck one is so fun! My boys both LOVE trucks and we joke that they are "truck spotters" as they point out EVERY. Single. One. they see! ha!!

  3. How do you do a Jenty?

    Great photos Cat!

  4. Love the pic of A with her teacher :)

    I'm doing TONS of decluttering in my quest for a simpler life :) GOod luck with yours too.

  5. Your iris shot is beautiful.... irises are my absolute favorite!
    Also love that tractor photo!

  6. Ahhh... Man... Daai gesiggie mag dalk vuil wees, maar daai uitdrukking vertel boekdele.. Jy haar dalk gepla?

  7. My fav is the one of little Tessa. Such a cutie pie, dirty face and all!


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