Thursday, 16 September 2010


Hi all my friends in the computer,
Yes, I have been neglecting this blog and reading yours, but it's been hectic at work and busy at home.
  • Huberta is smelling a lot better after her day at the car-spa but we are not out of the woods yet. There is still a whiff around. The really crappy thing is that I can not put my air conditioning on for another week or so as to avoid the smell (and bacteria) spreading to the A/c. And we are at 31C temperatures already.
  • Little man L had a nice all night puking session on Tuesday night. Poor kids was so tired yesterday, but recovering well.
  • Book club was over at our place on Tuesday night - it was a great success. I think I will do a post about it and also with basic bookclub principles to start one as I have been asked about it on this blog before.
  • Work is hectic at present, home life is also. Hence my apologies to all for not catching up on yours. I suspect I will have to abandon to catch up and just read everybody's newest post.
So onto the usual Thursday happenings:

When Cat suggested Spring as our theme for this week, my initial thought, as most people's would be, was to photograph flowers - isn't that the epitomy of spring?  SO i did.  But then this evening on the way up our drive i noticed this newborn calf sleeping quietly - and that's when I knew he would be my Spring photograph.  Calving and spring go hand in hand, here on our farm, as does lambing.  But if there is one thing I cannot resist, it is a newborn calf.  They are just so cute.  Long gangly legs, big mouths and all soft and fluffy.   Not your traditional 'spring' photo - but i love it!
I love Spring, as I am so a Summer girl. But my favorite part of Spring, without a doubt, is my courtyard garden tha is filled stock full or Irisses. When I took a picture about 2 weeks ago of a single Iris for my project 365, there were only a few open, Now it is a mass of purple.

I just love that picture of the little claf and the way the whole frame is filled. And the angle is just right. I just want to give it a little hug.

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  1. Hi Cat...Lovely theme and again two totally different interpretations of the same theme...I also love spring - the warmer weather, the blooming flowers, the buds starting to show on the trees and the pretty smell in the early evenings...Looking forward to a long, hazy beautiful summer...Lots of love

  2. I like the pictures of the cow. Great! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Spring! Lovely!
    The calf is a wonderful reminder.
    Love that purple of the Iris!

  4. the young calf is so sweet.

    I love the flowers of spring. Tulips are my favorite but Irises are close behind!

  5. I love both your pictures...the iris is beautiful and that sweet.


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