Friday, 18 February 2011

It's Cricket World Cup time

The Soccer World cup was met with great excitement last year, also in our office. This year it's both the cricket and rugby world cup and we at the office thought that it is just fair throwing ourselves behind the boys representing South Africa. After all, we have a better chance at winning in both these sports than at soccer. So when we got the fax from Dogtown offering a supporter T shirt for both the circket and rugby events, we junped at the oppertunity and most people ordered. Good to know you are supporting the animals too.
Part of the crew in our supporter T's. Go Proteas! Do us proud.
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  1. i love your passion for all things South Africa :)

  2. What a fun thing to come together on!

  3. I love it that you are so "proudly South African". I love this country of ours and also support all things South African.

  4. I love the sport Fridays we have. I don't have a cricket shirt yet. Must make a plan to get one

  5. Love the t's.

    Must find out if we're doing the sport friday thing and try and get some t's.


  6. We watching.....well I watched the opening and Hubby does the watching....LOL

  7. You are looking great Cat! What a fun pic!


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