Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Yes, we are busy....

hence I have not been here in quite a while. Work is so hectic at the moment that I am also working some evenings so blogging gets left behind somewhere.

At the moment the Boys are in the midst of a not so pleasant summer cold. I had little man L at the doctor this afternoon as his cough has that unpleasant hacking sound to it. Not bronchitis yet, but on his way there and hoping we can stop it soon.

For Valentines day I got Hunter some of his favorite choccies and wrote him a love letter. He got me a nice book. The man knows what talks to my heart. The evening we did what we in general do for Valentines - we had the best of Woollies at home and spent the time together. It was perfect.

The weekend was busy - very busy socially, but we both got a bit of alone time by splitting the kiddies party duties. On Saturday afternoon the Princess went to friend A's party. Her mom phoned me to ask if we would mind them copying our party, and of course I just felt flattered. Apparently it was the best party little A ever went to.
Just look at these cupcakes! An artwork in sugar.
The table was stunning all cat themed.

The picture frames they made - beautiful, but still need to be finished.

Sunday morning Hunter and the kids went to his cousin's daughter's birthday, we swapped and I took the kidlets to Jenty's Connor's party.

It was busy, but good.


  1. What a beautiful cupcake display!

  2. Goodness me, what a sstunning setup for a party. How flattering that they used your idea!!
    And my oath how busy! No wonder the kids were tired when they got to my house

  3. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Two adorable parties!!

  4. what adorable cupcakes and mosaic frames! what a compliment that she wanted to copy your party!

    Your sweet girl looked beautiful!

  5. WOW that party was so pretty :)

    Love the cupcakes!

    (thanks again for lifting us)

  6. A weekend of parties! Love the kitty theme!
    Those pics are stunning! She is so pretty!

  7. I can understand that it is a hectic time for glad you had the time to do this post so that we can catch up on what is happening in your life.

    What a stunning party! I love everything about it from the pink, the kitty and the gorgeous cupcakes. Your princess looks stunning as always.

    loads of love to you.


  8. Those cupcakes look too good to eat and the mosaic frame is awesome!

    I hope your little boy is on the mend already

  9. A hello kitty party!!!!!!! and love love the pink you chose ~ perfect for a princess.
    I am collecting Hello Kitty things to post to my daughter for my little Nunu's first birthday party, she is only 3 months now so have lots of time to collect...hehe

  10. What a wonderful party! Yaya would have loved to attend it too. Pink, Hello Kitty AND a real kitten to boot? She would have been over the moon happy!

    Hope the boys feel better very soon.

  11. What a fantastic party and your photos are gorgeous as always.

    Your daughter is just more and more stunning as each day passes. She is going to seriously break little boys' hearts :)

    ps Hope your little ones feel better soon!

  12. Lovely seeing you the other day. Those cup cakes look yummy.

  13. Wow, those cupcakes are gorgeous!


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