Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A few bits of news

Things are (as always I hear you say) rather hectic, but we have heaps to look forward to. At work, things are rather busy with a shopping center opening next week and the main tenant the week after. Also a nice big project starting tomorrow, so yes, busy but happy.

On the family front, a lot happening as well:
  • Tomorrow Little man L has his first appointment at Occupational therapy session. I am going to take a lot of notes and try to do some of the things at home too.We can use every bit of help right now.
  • The Princess and her school is going to the zoo - they are so excited.
  • On Friday we have Little man L's yearly appointment at the eye specialist. Hoping for things to have stayed the same as there should not be any improvement. Also, I have some questions from the Occupational therapist for him.
  • On Sunday we are going to my best bud Hesti and family's farewell function. I made a blog for her if you are interested. I still am not able to get my blog post finished about this. Maybe I am trying too hard.
  • Next weekend is camping time - in the Pilansberg and for the first time with friends.
  • If all works out, I will also see Andre Rieu in concert that weekend at Sun City.
  • We had a great bookclub last night where we said goodbye to Hesti, and welcomed the 3 new members as we lost two others last month and our new cycle starts in May. It was long and late, but fun. Love my bookclub girlfriends. But yes, I will still do that post about how to start one etc.
So hope you all have a great evening. Tomorrow is a busy day ahead once again.


  1. Nice to read your update and all the going on's in your life.

  2. Those April holidays will be here soon :) It does sound rather busy, but I hope it's fun too :)

  3. I hope all goes well with your appointments and the therapy. Exciting times!

    How often will you see your friend once they leave?

  4. Good luck with the OT and eye doc - hope all goes well and you walk away armed with much info to assist little L in being the man he is mean't to be.

    I feel so sad for you re your friend leaving - i know the feeling oh so well.

    I'm here for you my friend xx

  5. I really miss bookclub :( ours has all but disintegrated
    Hope the therapy goes well

  6. Read about L's diagnosis. Before we found out Graham's diagnosis, I suspected sensory integration issues. He still has some problems in this area, but he has grown out of a lot of it. Also I think we natuarally behavior train him. Good luck with everything. Knowledge is power!!

    So jealous that you're headed to Drakensberg. I miss all our travels in SA.

  7. Busy schedule, but it sounds like you've got it under control!
    That holiday sounds divine. We are also going to Dullstroom in April, and I can' wait!

  8. Good luck with all of that going on!

  9. Fun things coming up. The zoo is always fun (and I bet the one near you is awesome!)
    I hate to hear that your best friend is leaving.

  10. Good luck with OT and the eye dr! That reminds me...I need to call to set up OT/PT for my lil man. Really seeing the issues pop up again. :-(

    Awesome for the book club! I just started reading Jodi Picoult's new one - Sing You Home. Already totally hooked and I'm only in the 2nd chapter. Love her writing!

  11. It sounds like you have an eventful week or two ahead of you. I love camping at the Pilansberg especially when you go with friends. I hope you have great weather and you get to see some awesome wildlife :)

  12. Good luck the the OT.
    And thanks for the book recommendations.


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