Monday, 28 March 2011

YellowWood Cafe in Howick

This morning, as I was flipping through websites on the Midlands meander, I remembered once again that I have never re-capped most of our December holidays. So today, I would like to share the little treasure we found on our first day of our holidays.

Now even with kids ( and sometimes dogs in tow) we like to think of ourselves as "traveling adventurers" or "adventurous travelers" - and by that I mean that amongst other things we try to have adventures while we travel to our destination and not just at the destination - to make the trip part of the holiday. So often we do not stop at the regular big "One stop" type set - ups (although we do have our favorites in that area too), we search out something new. We also often stay over at halfway through the journey - this also makes for happy kidlets. On our way to the North Coast in December we stumbled onto an absolute gem - YellowWood Cafe. Not only does it offer tasty food, it also has an animal farm and several play areas for kids. It is housed in a historic farm house and it truly spoke to me of age old beauty. So if you pass Howick, go through the town and you will find pointers to this great little spot.
The Yellow wood lane.
From your table you look out over green pastures with the Howick waterfall in the background.
The Howick waterfall .

The old farmhouse that houses the restaurant.
The stairs are well worn with thousands of feet over hundreds of years.


  1. That waterfall is beautiful!

    Love the sweet moment captured with your two men!

  2. I also love that last shot - I promise I'm not perving H (this is what we used to say at Rhodes) but I just love the pics of him with your kiddos :)

    How are you feeling today after the Friday thing that we won't mention? :)

  3. Looks like a great place! Your photos are magical! It captures the essence of the place!

  4. Definitely looks like a real gem of a place and we also love to weave these off the beaten path stopovers into our travels. Love the pictures of the farmhouse and those stairs.

  5. What a beautiful place. Going to remember it to visit next time in KZN.

  6. Cat, each and everyone of these images is the stuff of imagination realized. Especially your captured "zoom" of your happy men.

    Adorable...and your photography skills AMAZE me. :)

  7. It looks so beautiful!

    I’ll definitely try and keep this in mind for our next trip down to the coast. Just recently we’ve decided to stop over too and in December we spent the night in Nottingham road. It was awesome and something we’ll do again and again.

  8. Gorgeous photo and that last one is a stunner. I LOVE the zoom capture such precious moments with it.


  9. I do love the last pic too.x

  10. It looks so peaceful there and your photography is wonderful.

    Love the shot of the steps and zoom lens one of "your boys" . . .

    PS: I hope you're getting more sleep these days

  11. Does look beautiful...and love the photo's...the one of the stairs is my favorite...

  12. The place is stunning... where is it?

  13. Just outside of Howick on the Karkloof road.


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