Friday, 1 April 2011

So what's happening?

On this side, quite a lot and not much in the same breath.
  • I found myself rushing to the local ER at 11:15 on Tuesday night with Little Man C. I have seldom been so panicked and worried about a child. I was downstairs working on our photobook for 2010 whenm I heard a horrible sound from upstairs. There he was sitting in bed, wheezing and hardly breathing. I gave him his asthma pump immediately but it had very little effect. So I woke up Lucy to look after the other two and rushed on, phoning Hunter who was still at work to meet me at the hospital. The service at Kloof Mediclinic was fast and efficient- in fact, the doctor heard him wheezing as she was attending to another patient and send the nurse with adrenaline to nebulize him  even before seeing him. This had an immediate positive effect. By 12:30 we were back home and in bed. Hunter had to drive to Pretoria East hospital though for the medicine as Kloof does not have a 24 hour pharmacy. That's a bummer I think.
  • He is doing much better but is still at home and coughing his lungs out - or rather, his vocal cords as it is a touch of the old bugger, Croup.
  • Hunter is working really hard and late at the moment - but it is for good future prospects.  I am totally fine with it.
  • I handed in the above mentioned photobook yesterday after rushing to complete it for the Qphoto special of 20 pages for free. I made one book featuring all the highlights from 2010. Just to hear that they have extended the special to the end of April. So I will be making another one (2009)  as well. I used the 30x 30 square format that I love. Below is the cover with Jenty's lovely pics and my favorite page - our San Lameer holiday last year April - the kids on Uvongo beach and some vignettes from our holiday in a strip below.
  • The Princess is attending holiday school (apart from Wednesday and Thursday)and seem to be having fun. On Tuesday they had a tea party and dressed up for that.
  • Today they have a PJ party and she went in her new, bought on sale Woollies Princess Pj's
  • Yesterday and the day before was spent with Ouma (granny). They had tow special days together and a sleep over. She loved it so much that I had to beg and negotiate to get her back home last night - but I truly missed her. So Monday and Tuesday will be sleep over with Ouma again.
  • Last night was one of those nights that can only be numbed by some Merlot or maybe a gin and dry lemon. The Princess returned home by 5:30 and madness ensued. Lots of running around like mad kids, screeching and general madness. Little eating and Duracell Bunny like behavior from all 3. Resulting in C coughing too much and not being able to sleep and keeping the other 2 awake. Hunter arrived at  9 and by magic got the sleeping thing done, poured me some wine and we had a great dinner outside, pasta, candles and all. And a very good night's rest after.
  • Little man L was chatting to himself this morning as he regularly does, calling Joshua and Caleb (two school friends) to come and play with him. I had a small laugh about Exodus' explorers in the school.
  • I have changed my comment platform to DISQUS - I love to reply to comments and this will help me do this. I really hope it does not frustrate you all - if it does, pop me a mail please. I would not like to loose loyal commenters because of this.(email in profile)
  • I got a super fast new 3G - worked for the first day, has not worked again. Bask on my old one and sending this one back. So I have not done much blog reading this week.
  • This weekend has nothing planned - I am delighted! Hoping for good weather.
So what are you planning?


  1. Love your pictures! Sorry about your ER scare - thats never nice...I'll bet you can't wait for your photo book.

  2. Enjoy the doing nothing :) I hope C is all better soon, and your photobook photos are awesome.

  3. What holiday school is your princess attending? Sorry about the ER scare.....

  4. Dear Lord, I hope this Disqus thing works for me/. I have a very scatty relationship with this system but so far so good today.

    Anyway, love that she loved it at Granny's so much.

    But TERRIBLE on C's scare - I would have FREAKED out.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on the pvt blog - it means such a lot to me.

  5. How awesome is the sale on photobooks...I need to take the time to do one. I just need a few days to complete them! I love the cover to yours...AMAZING!!!

    I love that you have dinner outside, with candles...I am totally going to have to do that, once summer gets here. Right now, our weather is spring...but we are currently in a cold spell. This too shall pass, and our 70-75 degree weather will return.

    I will pray for Little Man C...I am sure he is uncomfortable during this...but I know God can help to soothe his fear and heal him.

  6. At her school she goes to every day - holiday school is optional.

  7. I am glad that he is doing better! That is really scary!!!

  8. heart sommer started to beat a bit faster when I read about C struggling to breathe and you rushing him to ER. I have been down that road with my now 3yr old and I know that it's horrible. I HATE that croup cough.
    I love your pictures and I think it's so sweet that the Princess had so much fun.
    Have a wonderful weekend.xx

  9. Man you must have been beside yourself with worry. I'm so glad he is ok!!

  10. Those photos are just too gorgeous! I like your new comment thingy very much - thank you.

  11. So sorry to hear your lil man was so sick again!!! You've had such a tough stretch!!! You deserve a break!!

    Love your photo book - its beautiful!!

    I just thought I'd let you know that I'm dedicating my blog to Autism Awareness all through the month of April. Hope you and some of your readers will stop by!

  12. Such beautiful photos, as always x x
    Very scary that lil man was struggling to breathe... PANIC!! Glad he's on the mend x x

  13. Your scare with C took me back years to when Kobus Jr. got croup and turned blue in the middle of the night. Scary stuff. I hope that he is much better. I love seeing your photos and reading about your life.

  14. Love the layouts of the book!
    As I said on Twitter, man, that C thing is scary. I would've been frantic.
    And I love the princess' dress up outfit :)

  15. I've been wanting to do the photobook too. I'm glad to hear it's been extended to end of April and I'm sure your book is going to be stunning ~ please post some pics when you get it?

  16. Glad C is OK. Been on the wheezing side of things myself and it's terrifying as an adult when you understand what's happening so I can imagine how scared he must have been (and how scary it must have been for you).

  17. Love the photo collages! Beautiful!
    Disqus works very well!

  18. Jeanette, my heart was beating so fast, I kept dropping keys and soft toys.

  19. Lynette, I hope some day I can look back at this one as being our scariest and last.

  20. I will come and have a look and refer back to you.

  21. Will do. Get going on that book though - I procrastinated a bit and then the amount of time it took almost caught me.


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