Thursday, 23 June 2011

More about day 2 in the Berg.

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Due to that super slow 2G connection, I did not show you much about our little holiday in the Drakensberg's second day apart from this bit, although day 1 was well covered here. So for today's Photo Story Fiday, I offer you day 2 in the Drakensberg.

I woke up quite early (first in the house) and took this picture through the window of the  lounge of the mountains bathed in the rising sun.

After a bask in the morning sun, we stocked up on supplies at the resort shop. The girls did a little skip down the road.

 Then we took a drive to the Central Berg - around Cathkin Peak and stopped at the Monk's Cowl hiking area for a milkshake.
The little Sunbird was having his fill of sweetness in the alloe flowers.
 On our way back I saw this composition - two very graphic winter trees, a quite attractive gate and the mountains, and took a few composition pictures. My favorite is the third one with the tree and the gate leading outside the picture frame.

Back at out cottage we saw that the little chapel was open- so we went to have a look. Really stunning setting for a wedding.
Then we went for a swim in the indoor heated pool.

And while I (and my cousin-friend) napped, there was lots of Candyland games happening.

We ended the day with a trip to the trampolines and playground before dinner and a relaxing evening chatting.

It was such a perfect day.


  1. Looks like a great day! Love the sunrise photo!

  2. Beautiful photos Kat!  (as always! :-)

  3. Ai, dit bly maar 'n mooi deel van die land!!

  4. Looks like you're having a fabulous time ... hope you got lots of rest and I'm rather envious of the heated pool ... could do with something like that right about now :-)  SAfe travels skattie

  5. I love to read about your posts in the Drakensberg.  It sure is lovely!

  6. Wow!  Fabulous pictures!  I have to admit it seems so strange to me to see boots and sweaters right now while we are sweating to death, LOL!

  7. The Drakensberg is beautiful!
    It really looks like an amazing weekend away :)

  8. You have such an amazing way of hooking us into your vacation with your beautiful photos.

  9. It sure looks like a perfect day :)
    Thanks for sharing and beautiful photos. 


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