Thursday, 28 July 2011

A high tech question from a low tech me

So here's the thing. Since my smart phone was stolen a few months ago, I have been using a very simple phone we have in the office.I can tell you that apart from the obvious down sides (not getting your social media on the phone, work emails etc) there is a huge positive to it. It is hugely liberating! I have to admit that we are becoming a race of divided attention seekers because only now do I realize that I pay attention to what people say, I am not forever fiddling on my phone too. So I am fully intending on limiting my phone use when I have a smart one again. But I digress....

I am not the most clued up tech person around. I have way too many other things going on.So upgrade time is looming (yeah, I can not wait!) and now the question rises - what phone? Obviously we are faced with 4 choices - Blackberry, iPhone or Android (and then, which specific phone) and the outside horse of Windows phones. I hear that the trend forecasters are already counting Blackberry's days (and see that my beloved Nokia brand will disappear in the next year or two - or nto depending on the Windows OS issue). So what do I take? I get the very nice free BBM idea and browsing of the Blackberry but I hear that one can structure your package accordingly and the others will have very effective browsing to and with WHATSAPP the whole BBM thing seems overrated?

My basic needs apart from phoning is work emails, social media and I always like to have a good camera. And yes, I know that maybe for Instagram only I would like an iPhone.

So please, even if you never comment, give me your opinion on this one.


  1. Heeheee. I am so the wrong person to comment on this as I still use an old phone. In fact, I'm doing a linky on the weekend so please link up your existing old phone. I really only use my phone to phone and if really pressed, to SMS. If someone texts me, I phone back. I'm very lazy to SMS - will rather email or phone. Anyway, I will say that a more present you is priceless.

  2. @e0e489fc4ec6017f073ed0a9e8f2241a:disqus Ever ambitiously I believe that I can limit myself when I get the new phone to be more present too. It's really about breaking a tiny addiction.

  3. My credentials: I have a BB for work-related stuff and I just got an iPhone for myself. My BF just got the new Samsung Galaxy S II which is an Android phone. Now that we have that out of the way ... :)

    If you want to be connected to all your internet related things for next to nothing cost wise then a BB is the way to go.  When RIM was down (and this seems to be often in the last few weeks) the BB becomes a normal phone. BB's big plus is it's connectivity.  There is an app store where you can download free apps.  

    The iPhone is beautiful. I was very much against getting an iPhone because of the data implications but if you don't keep your mobile data on all the time (as it seems you intend not to do to as you want to limit your phone use) then the costs become manageable. As with the BB there are free apps to download however this time it will cost you in data but you can download apps on your PC using iTunes and then just sync your phone. The user interface is gorgeous. Instagram is what sold me (seriously) and I've taken about 7000 photos of my cat since I got it on Monday.

    The Samsung Galaxy S II that the BF has is an amazing phone. A big phone (think the iPhone's size plus about half) but it's light and thin so you're not carrying a brick. The user interface is really good and the touch screen works just as well as the iPhone so they've got that right which a lot of the touch screen phones haven't quite gotten sorted yet. Again you're paying for your own data and again you have an app store to download free apps from.  

    In terms of functionality they all phone, they all have cameras (the worst being the BB the best being the Samsung), they all send texts. If you want to be connected all the time for free then BB is the way to go.  If you want something more than just a phone I would at least go Android and if you want more than a phone and want to hop on the Apple-bandwagon go iPhone.

  4. I love my BB Torch but am considering using my upgrade to get an iPhone specifically for the camera and camera apps...
    Sorry not really helpful :)

  5. I hear you
    I love my BB
    Do you know that most people without BB have to pay for Whatsup...its the only way I can chat to my daughter who's BBM is not working yet, and it costs her where as it is free for me.
    I love my BB :)

  6. @8e4f28b7f7ce893d594efa691e0cd2c2:disqus Thanks gosh - very helpful!

  7. I am a huge HTC fan. I have the Wildfire which is the cheapo one but my DH has the Desire. He really likes it and this is someone who is hugely into technology he is a Tech Director at his current company. He spent months researching before he got the HTC. Its very user friendly and has 1000's of free Apps. Personally I like it for music when I run as my work emails tend to contain 16MG plus of data so I am not reading it on a phone:) So yeah thats my advice. Good luck shopping around.

  8. I am a BB fan, but I see that the packages can be structured to include free data downloads on other cellphones. iPhone still beats all with their apps!
    Please tell us what you are going to decide on, and reasons! :D

  9. I love my BB Torch, but the camera is crap.

  10. The big thing with BB is the data, but as Alida mentioned given that you want to limit your online time on your phone you can look at other options. Both my husband and I have the Samsung Galaxy S - the first one not the second one. It's a great phone, the camera in my opinion is awesome, it takes better pictures than our mik en druk. There are apps a plenty. My only gripes are the music player isn't that great - there's not easy turn off option - and the battery doesn't last longer than about 2 and a half days, but that is very much dependent  on what you do with the phone. If you're online all day, then you'll need to charge everyday, but other than that it is a great phone, and easy to just pick up and go.

  11. OK, i know you had a Nokia like mine?  And you loved it?  You know that there is a new one out, the Nokia E6?  Looks divine, even better than the E71.  The review is excellent, the camera great, and you can do fb, emails etc and load whatsapp for free.  Plus the qwerty keyboard.

    The thing with the BB from what i've heard is that the camera is crap.  And Iphones (from what i've heard aren't well supported in SA).

    I'd go Nokia - i'm a big nokia fan.

    have had samsung's before and so not a fan.

    that's my 2c worth x

  12. @2d86dc04f5c869a3093a8e131c592672:disqus I have been very strongly advised not to go the Nokia route - I have always been very loyal to them, but if Time magazine announces the end of a brand....

  13. I'm holding out for the iphone 4s....

  14. I think that you and Instagram are a match made in heaven so it needs to be an Iphone. 
    I also think that if you want Nokia then go for it. I know it is going to become obsolete but SA only follows the world after a couple of years so it will be a while...

  15. Nope, do not really want a Nokia, but I think you it the nail on the head. Instagram might just be the tipping point.

  16. Just to add another spanner in the works:
    firstly, BB has a new app called instaphoto, that is basically instagram - awesome!
    Secondly - beware of the iphone!! the data charges are through.the.roof!!!
    Almost everything on BB is included in your data package.
    Cant comment on android tho x

  17. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with being so connected to everything all the time with my BlackBerry, so I like to take a break every now and then.

    As for the phone you should pick, all I can tell you is that I love my BlackBerry, even though the battery life is crappy and the camera isn't great at all.

  18. I have two phones - a Nokia and Blackberry. Read my post here:
    What I like about the Blackberry is that I can stay in touch with everything social related :)

  19. I LOVE my iphone. by the way, what is Instagram? However, I would almost counsel for the Blackberry. My son has one and makes do with a R75 monthly plan, plus the R60 for the BBM  service. Whereas I spend a lot more on my iphone. I use Whatsapp, but not everyone uses it back, and it's also a bit slow. Plus I have to pay for my browsing. Blackberries are so much everywhere these days that I'd almost say go with that.


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