Friday, 14 October 2011

Little Man C's favorite things right now are:

DVD:  Anything by Andre Rieu (yes I know - a bit weird) and Happy Feet
Meal: Spaghetti bolognaise and two minute noodles 
Fruit: Banana, apples and naartjies
Vegetable: Any form of pumpkin
Breakfast: Oaties or mini wheat bix
Drink: Water.
Drinking yogurt flavour: Strawberry
Sweets: Fizz pops and fizzers
Chips/crisps: Ordinary potato chips - he calls them "leeutjie chips" to the Simba lion on them
Toy: Puzzles and drawing/colouring
Colour: Red


  1. He has sophisticated taste in music;-)

  2. We do raise them with classical music - I played Bach to all the kids while still in the womb.

  3. I love Andre Rieu too!  My mum bought me a DVD of his Australia show and it is so much fun to watch!

  4. Love this idea.  Totally stealing it!

  5. Lovely idea. I also like strawberry drinking yoghurt *yum*

  6. He sure have some nice favorite things and yes, the Andre Rieu is a bit odd but that is what makes your son unique. 

  7. Love these kinds of posts! I plan to do an "interview" for the kids for their upcoming birthday!!


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