Friday, 30 December 2011

It will always be remembered as the holiday in which...

someone got rid of their training wheels.... (The Princess)
someone at last braved the waves... (Mr C)
and someone else became king of the pool in his polyotter. (Mr L)

It will also be remembered as the holiday the Princess and I saw a fish eagle catch from a barge (actual catch just missed on camera)

We had the loveliest holiday camping - lots of sleep, lots of swimming and lots of sun. Lots of great family time too in Mtunzini. And to log off with a  more favorite shots:

BTW I have over a 1000 unread items in my reader. Seriously...


  1. Beautiful pics of a Beautiful holiday. I simply LOVED our camping experience and we are hoping to do it within the next 3 months again. Just mark all the items as read. Seriously. Don't stress about it. Start the New Year fresh.
    ps..I got your LOVELY Christmas card. Thank You.x

  2. Oh my word...just love these pics!

  3. What amazing memories and photos!!! So glad you had such a wonderful holiday!!

  4. It sounds like an amazing holiday! Love your photos.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

  5. I love this post - I might "borrow" it for my end if year post. From your secret Santa :)

  6. oh my word! These shots are GORGEOUS!

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful holiday
    (and I was absolutely thrilled to find your Christmas card in my post today!!!)

  7. Beautifully captured many milestones. Wishing you a very happy New Year.

    Much love


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