Thursday, 22 March 2012

A weird out of sorts day

Cuppies supplied by our local Spar
 Yesterday was a golden day - just beautiful. On Tuesday night the hubby and I saw SafeHouse (granny babysat for us) and although very violent it was great seeing South Africa through CIA eyes - one staggers at the beauty of our country. After the hectic weekend of ballet followed by a Sunday lunch with family at our home, I really relished and needed the day of repose (we had a public holiday yesterday). It was also my dear hubby's birthday and we tried to spoil him as best we can with lots of little presents, including a new Stormers jersey. We had a great breakfast at our local Spur (who knew they have a great breakfast at a great price) after which there was some napping (while the birthday boy and our neighbour sorted out some trees that are seriously blocking our sun in the garden) and a visit to Hunters' aunt and uncle and a lovely swim and light dinner. It was a good day.

Today I am totally out of sorts - gee, technology is letting me down left, right and centre. My memory is letting me down, I forget to call people back. I can not find emails - can not remember what to do next. I feel totally lost. I have so much work there is no way that I should be blogging but I feel like my mind is in a total muddle and that maybe by blogging a bit I can clear it.BTW I am 248 items behind in my reader. I paid for stuff at Spar today and walked out without my shopping - only to discover it when I got to the car. And I did it twice in two days! I have also forgotten to pick up the gradener at home so best I run now and do it. Gosh, I hope I can get my mind together by tomorrow.

So what did you do wiht your bonus day yesterday?


  1. I worked:( but we had a braai at in the evening which was nice. Some days I really hate working from home. I have a huge deadline tomorrow so I have been working late every night. I am so tired that my brain is also totally out of normality. Hopefully we both have a relaxing weekend.

  2. My Dad is an extra in Safe House and I was so excited when I saw him in it! As you can see, I am clearly still excited about it because I am now telling you;-)
    Hope your head manages to clear, I so know the feeling! Sometimes, you just need to sit quietly somewhere without any interuptions and give yourself a little space:-)
    sending positive thoughts your way!!

  3. We had a braai but we got seriously rained out so we played Kinect and drank wine.

  4. Yesterday I decorated the Bird Cage wedding cake for saturday and also got packed and sorted for our 1 night of camping. IT was a lovely lazy day actually and just what we needed.

    I hope your brain comes back soon x

  5. I was so distracted this morning I had two baths! I was halfway dressed akready when I realised I still had shampoo in my hair.

    I think all public holidays should be moved to the start or the end of the week...this in tge.middle bit just messes with everyone.

  6. Gosh, this is just freaky! I also just posted about my public holiday and about the fact that I seem to be losing my mind. We went out for lunch, walked around in Kalk Bay, had some ice cream and took the kids for a swim.

    Happy Birthday to you Hubby! And yes, those R20 Spur breakfasts are just awesome!

  7. For me as a SAHM, there is no 'bonus' day or public holiday - I am not public :/ so I did what I do everyday except I had 2 children at home all day instead of half day.

  8. The bonus day makes the whole week go out of whack... Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  9. Why don't I know about these Spur breakfasts? Tell me more.

    I did NOTHING - well nothing out. But I sorted Connor's clothes (Kendra's are done) and their room is now deemed acceptable. Only 2 messy rooms left :)

    We then went for a quick supper at Ocean Basket.

    I miss you! Don't lose your mind :)

  10. I love those big Spur breakfasts. Happy BDay to your hubby. I had a lovely public holiday. DH on the golf course and me in the craft room. Then the children came around and we all ended up around the diningroom table. I so love having them all together under one roof.

    As to your absent are obviously tired and stressed. I do weird and wonderful things when I am there (lost my mind a long time ago :-) I also talk all jumbled.

  11. I love Spur......full stop! Okay you can hear I'm a gal who misses all things related to I miss Spur!
    Happy birthday to your hubby.
    After a month of rehearsals, week of concerts, you would be exhausted......time out now for yourself!
    Lol, reading how you forget things makes me feel better about myself as I do those sort of things as well and started getting worried, but after reading this I see it happens to us all.
    No public holiday here :)

  12. WE had a birthday at the Spur this morning and it was first time I'd encountered their brekkies... not bad!! I'm also all over the place, but I'm convinced it's my hormones again.

  13. Well...I too celebrated a birthday on the public holiday...lucky me, your hubby and Hayleys man. Good planning on our behalf. Eish...but the 21st March has produced some legends, ne)

  14. I have not eaten Spur's breakfast before but we are certainly big Spur people. We love to eat at them rather than any other restaurant for that matter.
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend.
    My bonus day was spent being sick :(

  15. Sweet Cat, you sound exhausted. :( Please take some time for you...don't feel as though you have any obligation to catch up with items in reader or anything other than take some time to regroup, and relax!

    Hoping tomorrow is an "in sorts" kind of day for you!

  16. I'm currently 474 behind in my reader, so you've got company ;)


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