Thursday, 11 April 2013

At the moment....

I am not loving:
  1. The sudden cold weather
  2. Blocked noses and sniffles in the house
  3. Our alarm that went off twice last night
  4. Kids waking up from said alarm and not finding sleep easily again
  5. Me finding sleep even less easily than said Mr C
  6. My thinning hair, spotty skin and breaking nails (and yes, I am taking a supplement which smells horrible but forcing it down)
  7. Twitter - I have never been and will never be a tweeter of note. Too much noise, too much time, way too much over sharing.
 I am totally loving:
  1. Bloglovin - I lived in complete denial that Google reader was about to disappear and then when some other bloggers reported theirs just shut off I had to try something else. I totally love Bloglovin and have totally moved to it. The iPad (or rather it's and iPone app) on the other hand can do with some improvement.
  2. Chipstix from Simba- oh yeah! Totally over salted and vingegared. I think my blood pressure may be a tad low at the moment as I crave this.
  3. Lego - which is just as always stunning. The Princess and the Lion played for hours on Sunday.
  4. Project life - it feeds my need to be a memory keeper - it also feed my need for a tad of creativity. And it really takes max 30 minutes a week (including travel to the print shop). I will do a post on how to do this with very little time and money. To see my Project life album go to Captured by Cat
  5. The new Cinnamon core kit from Project Life - I really did not plan on buying another (I bought the Cherry edition initially and there are loads of freebies around) but this one is simply stunning. The graphics are exactly what I like.
  6. Reading - but I am totally not reading enough at the moment. I fall asleep way before I read just a few pages. 
  7. Goodreads - love it! Simply love it.
  8. Zambuk salve - the cherry one. Heals lips, elbows, heels
  9. Creche Guard's Omega 3 Brainfuel chews - at last, one that all 3 kids eat willingly!
  10. And Mr L's "Ek is lief vir jou" (I love you) that keeps popping up more regularly.
So what are you not loving and loving at the moment?


  1. Loving the idea that this weekend is my last official events...then I can go into hibernation.

    Loving my oil heater and electric blankets

    Hating this weather and having to drink two litres of water a day

  2. I love point number 10 of Mr L. My son also said that to me yesterday and meaning it. Like you say, it's the small milestones which make it so much worthwhile :)
    I too love Bloglovin. I use it on my desktop PC to read all my blogs :)
    I too dislike the sudden cold weather and like you, the sniffles in our home currently. But when I picked up daughter this afternoon from school, she was much better than yesterday and the day before - yay!

  3. I am not loving:

    *the cold weather
    *the tension at work
    *the tiredness in my bones

    I am loving:

    *the fact that my child is out of a spica cast!
    *the last of the Easter eggs
    *Vanilla brewed coffee
    *researching idea's for our new homes renovations

  4. Love your list :)

    I'm loving the cold weather, my electric blanket, hot tea, my Kindle and going to bed early (because I have to be at work earlier).

    I'm not loving no hugs and kisses from my boy - I almost want to pray for his love language to change :(

  5. LOL...I am NOT loving Bloglovin, even though it looks really pretty.
    I am NOT loving the blocked noses and getting up early when it.
    I AM loving reading at the moment. I AM loving spending time with friends - there have been a number of friend dates in the last few days.
    I think I will do this on my blog.

  6. I'm NOT loving the rain here. Its rained for 5 days straight and its cold, too! There are floods all around us.

    I also love Good Reads - I get ideas for books to read in the future (at least when I have time...) or to save and remember books I've heard about.

    In between classes right now so I'm trying to get one or two books read before they start back up in May. Just started Picoult's newest.

    1. I saw that you did on good reads - wondering how it is. FOr me she si a hit or miss.

  7. Loving:
    Feeling better after my second round of flu
    All the Nicola chatter
    Friends that get me
    Not loving:
    Emotional show downs with Nicola about trivial BS
    Tension between me and my brother's gf
    Crazy tension at work

  8. I am loving: an excuse to bake winter dishes like malva pudding, veggie soup and oxtail.
    I am loathing: getting up before the sun rises!

  9. I love that it is Ironman weekend this weekend in Port Elizabeth. I totally love the vibe in the city. And the fact that the sun is shining makes it even better.

  10. Love your lists! :D

    I love the cold spell. I have new boots, and welcome any excuse to wear it ;-)
    I hate feeling so unmotivated and dreading the hibernation that winter brings! (I need to get my lazy self to the gym! Next week!)

  11. Oh I don't enjoy the cold either! And we seem to have started with sniffles AGAIN, even though we just finished a course of antibiotics about 2 weeks ago!
    Our alarm didn't disturb our sleep, but we were up all night with critters in our ceiling!! Was totally freaked out! Going to get something to sort it out today, hopefully! So I know that feeling of unsettled sleep - luckily it didnt want the kids.
    Hmmmm.. chipstix you say.. going to try them! I love salt and vinegar ANYTHING! xx

  12. I am NOT loving that the days are getting shorter but I AM loving the cooler weather (yay skinnies & boots!)

    Love your lists!

  13. Love your lists!
    I'm also baffled by the strange iPhone app theat Bloglovin has, but agree that it's a great substitute for Reader.
    I envy your Project life, but I'm afraid my own creativity doesn't stretch that far.
    I'm definitely giving Goodreads another bash, my first foray wasn't successful, but now that I'm not in a formal bookclub anymore I think it will be perfect.

  14. Thanks Cat for the great list. I am going to try Blogloving, Goodreads and the Omega pills. My kids say the ones i buy are disgusting. Will have a look at the cinnamon pack to see what graphics you like. I am also not loving the jump to winter. Where did autumn go? Not loving that I am sick.
    Loving that the doctors finally found what I have and can treat it! Loving my new juicer. Still loving my veggie garden.

  15. I'm loving the cooler weather and being on a long leave from work. Not loving that I'm mot a 100% ok healthwise


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