Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Our life on Instagram - second week of September

Hi my friends in the computer - gosh life is super busy. I do not think I have had such a hectic work week and a half in a very very long time. Add to that a very busy home life and kids programmes and you get a wee bit of chaos in my life. Very little blog reading too. A lot has happened in the last 2 days regarding school etc but more about that - just not really ready to share yet.

We are going away for the long weekend with a group of friends and I am really looking forward to spend some time in the bush. But, I am also busy with the boys' party planning, getting presents and school cake ready for Tuesday, and we are only returning from the weekend on Monday night. I have to pinch myself very hard to really realize that our awesome twosome are almost 5! Heavens 5!

I did not get to do weekend goals or even participating in the Saturday snapshots (sorry my friends, but it is survival mode)
New family additions later at home.

SO how had your week been? And the weekend?


  1. That bike does look very big :)

    Did you guys assemble it? Amazing patience if you did :)

    1. Yes we did but the honour goes to the hubby who is really agreat DIY type person. BTW we had to exchange it on Monday (we bought a boy one) and they gave us an assembled one in exchange for and assembled one. Thank goodnes

  2. With all you have going on, I'm impressed you blog as much as you do! Love all the kids artwork in this post!

  3. Lucky you going to the bush! We haven't been in ages - must make a plan soon! Just love the artwork - all of them and so glad the school interview went well!

  4. The photos are a grwat reminder! Enjoy your time in the bush!

  5. Gosh that's a cool bike!!
    How cute are those shoulder buddies!!

  6. Looks like an action packed week!

  7. I did not know about this "built your own ice cream" at Spur. Need to get to Spur :)
    Great festival you all have attended.

  8. I think that we are in the same "hectic" space at the moment. Hope the weekend was lovely and that you had time to recharge.



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