Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saturday snapshots

So yes, I  missed last Saturday's snpshot linky but alas, sometimes life (and work) gets into the way of blogging. For this week, I had to search my old files as I have been too sick to think about taking photos and too busy to care. But I do like the little selection I have for you. The theme this week is Letters/words

The letter "q" - an easter egg hiddens in our little under tap water bowl
The letter "y" from, yes, you've guessed it YMCA from the Princess' ballet concert (she is centre front)

The letter "k:
And my word for the year, "Hope" which has stood me very well so far


  1. I love your interpretation :)

    I think you're an N and I'm so very clearly an S - mine are totally literal :)

    I linked you up - hope you're better and enjoying your weekend!

  2. Love them! Hope you are on the mend:-)

  3. Very creative. I love them all :) ;)

  4. These are incredible! You are so talented and creative!

    LOVE them xx

  5. These are so clever! I love the V and the O and the K. LOVE these.

  6. The Paris Wife was good! Hope you enjoy it!

  7. I like the way you see the letter "K" in that picture. You have an eye.

  8. Love that letter K one...clever!

  9. the letter "k"


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