Friday, 30 November 2012

A month of gratitude

All around in the social media world, November has been a month of gratitude. Daily posts were up about those big and little things that make us so happy - those that we feel eternally grateful for. I thought it best to compact it into one post - I wrote this list as the month went on -  not daily, but whenever something came to mind. Although some may be totally the usual others could be a bit unusual. (I kept a few spots open for those important people in my life right at the end)

So, this November (and this year) I have been grateful for:
  1. Lucy's cooking - although basic and not great in variance, it allows be the opportunity to have a way more relaxed afternoon with the kids and a healthy home cooked meal. It really makes all the difference.
  2. Our puppies - they are always happy to see me, ready for a cuddle and a chat. I am especially thankful that although elderly they are still in great health.
  3. Ice lollies - the fruit juice sugar free ones. Great refreshment on hot days and healthy.
  4. Good schools that has our children's wellbeing - educational and emotional as a priority
  5. Watermelon, cantaloupe and sweet melons - love the melon season and the kids adore it.
  6. Successful projects this year and a slowing down of the tempo for now.
  7. The prospect of more projects next year.
  8. The area in which our offices are located - although I am close to many shopping centres, we overlook a small nature reserve and we have the joy of seeing blesbuck and duiker daily and a huge collection of birds visit the dams around the offices.
  9. Flat summer sandals in all sorts of colours - one of my summer joys.
  10. The area where we live - we are in  a radio control area and people care about their neighbours (mostly) - last night a dog was lost and reunited with its owners thanks to the radio network.
  11. The chickens in the street, the bushbabies, guinea fowl and bunnies that makes our street a nicer place to live. I love that the kids this year had the chance to see little chicks come out of their eggs.
  12. Good friends who will always make a plan to see us.
  13. Occasional flowers from the garden - we do not have lots of flowering plants, but the occasional flower makes me very happy - as does my courtyard of Irisses every year at the end of September.
  14. Washi tape, coloured pens, paper, cardstock and mosaic tiles - things that fuel my creative urge.
  15. The gym - and being able to exercise when I get the chance. And to swim with the kids over weekends.
  16. Tea with the hubby in the evenings - our little ritual of happiness.
  17. A generally healthy year - I do not think we had so few visits to the doctor in the last 5 years.
  18. My iPerd (iPad) that has been such a time saver this year. I am not sure I would have coped on site without it. (and now I am not even mentioning the entertainment part of it)
  19. My camera and lenses - I love that I can take nice pictures that will form part of the memories of our family into the future.
  20. Rain - highveld thunderstorms that cools the heatwave down.
  21. A good steak as made by Hunter on the gas braai - there really is very few that will beat the yummynss of this!
  22. A postcard from my one BFF in Canada when they visited Croatia. I love to get postcards of pretty places.
  23. A long and unexpected Facebook chat with a friend that just lift the mood.
  24. Our house - although possibly too small for us, it provides us with all we need. Truly our castle as the kids refer to it.
  25. Our cars - that went through the year without huge problems (this one was a very close shave). 
  26. My Mr C who provides me with much joy - he truly has such an amazing way to see the world. Best of all - he tells you in detail just how he sees it
  27.  My Mr L who has just made so much progress this year. His enthusiasm and determination is incredible.
  28.  My Princess who this year has truly grown up so fast. She has really tried her very best at every  opportunity and has worked so hard.

29. Hunter - my rock, my best friend, my boyfriend. Really, I can not even start to explain just how grateful I am to have him at my side in this journey through life.

30. God,  my Father, my Saviour.

Yes, I know I have not mentioned parents,siblings, family and many other important people and things, but this is a daily sort of "bigs" and "smalls" list. Know that I am thankful for them too.

Photos taken by my cousin/friend A


  1. I love how you have blogged 30 points of gratitude today. I love the photos of you and each member of your family. Very cool.
    I know exactly where your offices are situated and blessed you are for sure because there is such beautiful animals in that nature park :)

  2. Great post! Truly lots to be thankful for!

    Love the photos!

  3. Such a beautiful warms my heart.

  4. Such a lovely post! Very nice photos too :) and you've made me want to go shopping at Big Blue again!

  5. My CAT, my sweet love, my princess, my bride and shelter!

  6. Stunning post and BEAUTIFUL pictures. I think I need to do my own gratitude post.
    ps...your Boyfriend is AWESOME.

  7. Beautiful Post! This month of gratitude has been awesome;-) will do a blog post on this too...

  8. You do have alot to be grateful for!

    PS I love getting beautiful postcards too, especially from friends :)

  9. Lovely post Cat, so good to take stock every now and then - see how RICH life truly is.


  10. What a list! Man alive...I could do with a Lucy. Some days I just don't feel like eating, never mind cooking - on those of course Nicola is as hungry as can be, so I still have to make a plan.

  11. Awwwww this is such a lovely post and a good reminder to be grateful for the things we often take forgranted. I had a good chuckle on ice-lollies, washi tape and chickens on your street!

    These pictures are beautiful all of them and what a gorgeous picture of you and the man of the house
    Mr FF

  12. So many wonderful blessings!!! I didn't blog about it this year but I did keep up on facebook. :-) It was nice to truly think each night for what I'm blessed with!


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