Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Christmas and holiday spirit is upon us.

Gosh, the kids seem to be totally over this year. Every morning I have to explain to Mr L that we are still going to school and not on holiday yet. I am at a fail to try and explain that we will only be physically going away after Christmas. I am trusting though, that our Advent calender will do some of the count down for me. 
A look at the contents of this year's calender - sweets, stickers and a few small toys - mostly from CNA's party favours
The Princess just wants to put up the tree, but this has to wait for at least the 1st of December. And Mr C, well, he is complaining that he wants a green Christmas tree as our tree just is not a "real" Christmas tree. On this I will stand my ground - I love out little many years used wire tree and we are certainly sticking to it. I am contemplating doing some fun craft things with them in the holiday to add to the Christmas decorations etc. Christmas Father will be visiting the boys' school on Friday morning and on Friday evening we will have their Carols by Candlelight with a small show prepared by their sports teacher. Apparently someone we know is the Olympic games flag bearer.

We are really going to have a nice and quiet small Christmas - just us and my mom and my cousin and her dad. I am looking forward to that after our huge entertaining the last two years - which although fun and rewarding, is also great to have a break from this year.
 So what are you planning for Christmas?                           


  1. We're going to be on your side of the world in Pta for Christmas Day at SIL's house. Kill me now - the heat is going to make me FRY!

    And yummy, those chocs are making me drool....

  2. OMW! I completely forgot about our Advent calendars! Thank goodness the girls are away from Friday so I have some time over the weekend to sort out goodies! Thanks for the reminder. Love yours, gorgeous as always.

  3. Love love this time of year! I still have your advent calender, and I am planning to do it again this year! :D (I just need to find some time...)

  4. We're doing the big Christmas at my parents' house again this year - I can't wait! I love Christmas. :-)

  5. I really love your advent calender - so clever!

    We are doing a big fmaily Christmas at the coast - so excited.

  6. I can't wait to put up my Christmas tree! And Gem has a train advent calendar, best I get some chocolate balls to put in the drawers this weekend! OOh, its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

  7. Awe :( Seems the kids are now also tired enough to want to stay at home. Poor kids.
    Sounds like the perfect Christmas to me :)

  8. I haven't yet thought about Christmas. Mother asked yesterday and I told her it was the farthest thing from my mind. I'm desperately writing out our advent cards, a week later than planned! I still don't have a board yet!

    I must admit, I'm on C's side. That's not a real tree! Of course the monsters DH brings me are more tree than we need.

  9. Love the Advent box of goodies! As a child (and maybe still, truth be told!), I loved all sorts of little compartments. I'm sure that's so neat for your kiddos. :)

  10. I love your tree but I kind of get C asking for a green tree. Your tree is a teeny bit too grown up for kids to appreciate fully. Though I'm sure once it's up he might forget his request for a green tree!

    Is your tree up now?

    Christmas in our house - church and lunch in our house (as usual) but with a different set of guests my cousin, his wife and one year old son. Just pray the heat is not too bad this year. I like spending important holidays in my house - our own little tradition ;)

    Our tree would be up any day now :)
    Mrs FF


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