Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Christmas catch up no 1

(Yes I know it's long gone but I do like to show it as this is to an extend my visual journal)

We had an early Christmas get together with my cousin and his family before they left for the holidays on the 13th of December. We do see each other way too little and especially A and their S have such a great time playing together. He is exactly a year and a day older than she is. The little boys also adore the company of the bigger boys. We did a "one gift" exchange where everyone just bought one gift for one other person. It worked out so well. All 3 little boys loved their Lego robots and the Princess added a mini Lalaloopsie to her other one.
The table outside on the patio was just beautiful

The evening's "Piece de la resistance" was this cookie Christmas tree made out of star cookies decreasing in size.
They had two very funky Christmas trees inside.

I adore this shot - C's hand in Hunter's
 Family is so important - keeping the bonds and creating them for our kids are up to us. We all remember the good times we had with family as kids and somehow we just do not do it often enough these days.

Do you see family  (other than direct) regularly?


  1. I love the hands too!!!!

    We see the family more now with kids than we used to. Before we would see them at Christmas and on MIL's birthday which is in June! No jokes... and we all live 40 - 1 hr 15 minutes from one another.

  2. Such beautiful photos - I love the Biscuit tree!

  3. I'm in love with that massive tree! Also love the hands pic - just awesome.

    Our family (cousins and aunts and uncles from my mom's side of the family) try and do a family get together every 3 months or so - there are a LOT of us so it's hard to organise but we always have a FAB time. Family is SO SO SO very important to me and my family.


  4. Sadly no but that's because we live in GP and they live in Cape Town... But it's my choice to live here. So we try and see them monthly or bi-monthly, or when we can get leave and flights...

  5. Yummy!!! That biscuit tree just looks divine!! And the hands so adorable. Would be great to see in a few years when they C's hands are as big as his dads.

    I don't see my family as often as I would love (but that's because they are at least 6 hours away by air (SOB SOB)

  6. I am in awe of these trees. Are they Christmas trees? Silly American, I know... They are so awesome!
    As for family, we're learning that it's what you make of it. The hubs is one of nine kids, so his family is huge, but we only really get together with 2 of his siblings and their families. There is soo much tension in both of our families that we've been focusing less on big family events and holidays, and more on individuals smaller dinners. I'd love for the ladies to have the experiences of big family dinners, but I'm not sure it's worth the stress!

  7. That last photo is so sweet... :-)

  8. Ah, i love the hand photo. Big in black and white will look spectacular my friend.

    And how cute is that cookie tree - had every intention to make one myself, but well, i just ran out of time!

  9. I love the edible Christmas tree. Looks delicious too :)
    I agree, family is important. Not just the immediate family though.

  10. Wow...your table looked awesome...and that cookie tree is so beautiful...I want to eat it.

  11. I LOVE that cookie tree! And the hands picture. That one is canvas worthy - will look lovely in black and white. Just stunning. We DO see extended family and I'm actually going to make even more of an effort this year.

  12. It all looks stunning - love the cookie tree!

  13. Better late than never! Looks amazing!


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