Tuesday, 12 February 2013

To say this year started well...

would be a lie. It's been tough. I have been sick, worse than in a long time. I am exhausted. H is equally exhausted. It's not only the daily run of the mil of 3 kids in 3 grades, 5 parent evenings, netball meetings and all that goes with kids in school. Top that with busy work schedules and nothing much else happens. Yesterday was a day straight out of a very bad dream. I will not go into details but house keys were hidden (L) , ballet bags forgotten at school (A) and mommy rushing around, gates lifted from tracks at home etc etc.

The honest truth is that our little Lion is not adapting well to the change in schools, being away from his brother. We had to go back to separating them in after care -we were left with no option other than that or taking them out and getting an au pair or such. (the reasons are legal technical with grade R being part of the Primary school and responsibility etc). He will have to adapt and we will have to provide him with the support to. In any event, it will be better in the end that he makes his own friends and adapt to being with the younger kids. But it's tiring - the very moment I pick him up at school he starts with reasons why tomorrow is not a school day. He insist on it being a weekend and doing something that is weekend related and insist the he will NOT BE GOING TO SCHOOL. And insist he does, on and on an on and on.... Until we get him to calm down eventually. Every meal is a trial in endurance(apart from toast and eggs for breakfast which is quite possibly his favorite food ever).

But maybe we are seeing the light - the last two mornings he came to our room dressed and his bed made (more than the other willingly do on their own first thing in the morning) and this morning he actually told me he wanted to go to school - the first time this year.

In amongst this all we had a good weekend - yes, Mr L's antics was exhausting but there were many good points too. We had a lovely 40th birthday party with a jumping castle , party packs and icys for the kids and good food and company for the adults. What I will always remember is dancing the night away until late with all 3 kids, the boys falling asleep on their mattresses with some other littlies way after 9. It was a good night. We are hoping for many more somewhere in future. These are the moments that give us hope. The ones I want to embrace with all my might.

With that, let me share our last week in pictures:
Day 35/365 4 February Promise of rain.

Day 36/365 5 Febraury Little butterfly in the office garden.

Day 37/365 6 February Rainy day morning - Mr C loves hi umbrella
Day 38/365  7 February Morning after the night before rain diamonds. One of my favorite iPhone photos ever.

Day 39/365 8 February Mr C's turn to buy tuck shop and he chooses bouncy balls for them.

Day 40/365 9 February Horse tiding at the Voortrekker monument.
And to close off - my nearest and dearest playing on the iPad after bath time on Sunday night (and a silly little girl in the background)

On Facebook I said this morning that today will be a good day, I insist. And yes, it will be. We need to move forward, and we will. Come what may.


  1. Wow, it sounds exhausting, I am not surprised you are taking strain but as you said today will be a good day! And many many more after that. Have faith, this too shall pass. I also want to say, that I really love your photos, unique and always with a story to tell:-)
    Here's to a Fabulous and Wonderful day!

  2. I'm so sorry about all the school stuff! I'm sure it's a big mind shift for him too.

    The logistics is a mission and a half already without adding sickness and school stress into the mix. I can only imagine.

    I'm hoping for an easier (rest of) week for all of you!

    PS I actually have a logistics post to write tonight :)

  3. My little girl child doesn't cope well with change so I understand this and know it is incredible draining. I think a little harder for him because they are twins!

    But the only way to make it "normal" and not different any more is to keep on keeping on!!!

  4. Sounds a bit tough in your world at the moment. Hope it gets better, especially with Mr L! It is a big change!

  5. Ouch, that does sound like a rough day. And being sick (or trying to recover) whilst running such a busy household/job must be hectic at the best of times. I trust today HAS been better and that the week will but improve!
    I love your instagrams - such awesome pics

  6. Hope you have a great week with the year you have had so far! ((HUGS))

  7. Thank you Cat, for popping by my post. Be patient, you have each other and you know what, your year will improve - I promise you :) Your photographs are really stunning! I have been so out of sorts, and not felt like blogging, but I will be back!

  8. Phew...i hope its gotten better.

  9. Ai vriendin, my hart gaan uit na jou en na jou klein leeutjie. Ek bid vir julle vir krag en dat julle hoop nooit sal opraak nie. Dit is so bemoedigend dat dit makliker was die afgelope twee dae...en dat jy 'n lekker partytjie aand gehad het.


  10. I'm sorry to hear that things have been so rough. Hang in there! I hope today and tomorrow are better days. Hugs.

  11. I want to scream out and say: "We too! We too!"
    We're also struggling with Gr 4 and our son :( The tests come back with a low grade, he does not want to go to school, school work is not neat. Sigh!
    I'm hoping that things will go better for your little one. Sterkte!

  12. Sorry to hear that it was all a bit exhausting for you. Some days are like that, hey? Love your pics.. and YES, today will be a good day! :)

  13. So Sorry!!! Hope things get better soon. Poor Mr L, though I am enjoying his antics, if only he knows mommy wouldn't fall for them

    I love the picture of him reading your book, if I was reading upside down too, I would be finished in 3 mins (LOL) And that last picture is just amazeballs :)

  14. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having such a tough time. I hope that Mr L turns a corner soon with the adjustment.

  15. Oh that does sound so exhausting. Hang in there, Cat! Not to make light of anything, but what helps me when dealing with difficulties with Graham, is to remember to be thankful my kids are healthy and that's the most important. Hugs!

  16. Hang in there. It will get better. I promise. And buy some shares in KWV.


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