Monday, 1 July 2013

The past week

Has really been one of those golden weeks. Such a treat to have both the grandparents visiting - really, I could not have happier kids. There's been:

Crafting (friend K spend two days with us last week)

Knitting: Someone learned how to do "tolletjie brei" or French knitting

Snakes and ladders

Joint culinary exploits in the kitchen

Fabulous food
 Heaps and heaps of reading

And even some building work as Radiator Springs (from the movie Cars) made its appearance on our lawn. (all 3 kids took part in this)

They certainly do not lack on the creative thinking side.
In the meantime we also attended a very cool first birthday Noddy party and all 4 adults had some fun - Hunter and my FIL spent a night in Pilansberg and the my fabulous hubby sent my MIL and I to the spa for an afternoon.


  1. Aren't grandparents great for creating lasting memories? Mine have had our girls for a week now and they are loving it!

    Glad you've had a less chaotic week and that you were treated to yet another spa day!

  2. Your posts really make me miss and yearn for this kind of family life! I think I love your life!

  3. Are you bringing your MIL with you to the party? You're very welcome!

    Love all the pics, the wholehearted children fun and so glad you had a great week!

  4. Looks like fabulous fun all round. and grandparents are great:-)

  5. Looks like a magical fun filled week indeed!

  6. Grandparents are the soul of holidays.

  7. So glad you are getting this much needed break (of sorts) I can see how the grandparents even embrace the visiting friend. So sweet.

  8. I get re the blessing of grandparents and our children. Especially if they can spent holidays with the kids.

  9. Lovely post :)

  10. Your MIL is amazing. I'm sure the kids are having a blast


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