Thursday, 6 June 2013


There they were, the two girls. Dreaming away on Sunday afternoon. Enjoying each other's company while the rest of the household was busy elsewhere. Purely by chance Hunter and I spotted the two, A scratching Puppy B's ears, talking to her in a soothing voice , who knows? Sharing secrets of her heart. Both of them had a little nap somewhere along the line.

A few weeks ago the Princess had to do an oral and one of the topics was "My pet is my best friend" H helped her from her initial notes to make a speech about her puppies. How they are always glad to see her, always have time for her and always grateful for every bit of love and attention. This moment was the speech in action. A moment that I will always treasure and am so totally happy that I captured without any of the two spotting me.

The honest truth is that at 11 and a bit years our puppy B is showing her age. Last night H and I took the two puppy girls for a walk around the block - the usual thing. She moves so much slower than she used to. Running is not something that comes easily any more. In the mornings she is stiff and sore. We do give her some meds weekly to help with the stiffness. But the honest truth is that she is definitely aging faster than her sister that is 6 months older. So we are enjoying every moment with her. She, who feels happy if she rests her head on my feet. If she can touch you, she is at ease.

Love you puppy B

There is also a Project Life post up here.


  1. Oh that is so very lovely :)
    so sad that they're getting old

  2. Precious photo and post!
    My little one is beginning to appreciate her pets also, playing with them and mentioning that she misses them...

  3. Do you know how much I love that pic? This goes into your favourites folder of A for the year :)

    Sad about your dogs aging though...

  4. Hierdie is een van jou mooiste fotos. Die oomblik wat jy hier vasgevang het is baie kosbaar. Dit is jammer dat honde kinders nie baie ouer kan raak nie. Dit is dalk ook die rede waarom ek nog nie weer vir my een aangeskaf het nie. Die afskeid is net te seer.

  5. What a GORGEOUS photo capturing such a sweet moment.

  6. Beautiful .. both girls.. and your words xxx

  7. It's always so sad when one's beloved pet / family member gets old like this where mobility is impacted. My heart always break when I see animals "suffer" like this :(

    1. We make very sure she is not suffering - she is just, well, older, less mobile.

  8. What a lovely photo. I knew a lb once who made it to 22 years!

  9. That is the most gorgeous picture. I LOVE it.


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