Thursday, 30 May 2013

Here and there...

iPhone sunset with doves.

Or this and that. Just a little catch up on what's going on:
  1. Sunday evening/night was my Bear and the tummy bug. Poor kid. Sleep was not great for him and the parents.
  2. Yesterday I was called from school for our Lion who promptly was the next victim. Poor kid. At least he was done by bedtime and apart from struggling to fall asleep we all slept well.
  3. I am holding my breath for the next victim. Our Princess is the "tummy child' of the family so I bet she will be next. Or me - I have a sensitive digestive system
  4. We are in the midst of repainting the inside of our house. Hunter worked hard on it the week I was away and every bit of time he gets. I am helping where I can. I love how the colours came out and it is wonderful to get rid of the yellow based cream in the house and replace it with a lovely colour called Tranquil.
  5. I am totally amazed that Mr C mentioned that he likes the new colour that has some blue in it! Gosh that child is totally perceptive about colour and shades. This is subtle people - a very subtle shading. I would guess 90% of grown ups would not notice it at all.
  6. Mr L surprised me last night with a question about the way the ceilings and roof construction in our house works in a very simplified way. Sometimes I am so happy to know what it going on in that little brain that I often feel does not allow much insight.
  7. On that topic we have a series of appointments for him starting with a OT evaluation by a therapist the school requested. They (and we) feel we need to know we have everything in place for him to go to grade R next year and if not, where to send him if our school is not the right place for him. Then in October we are seeing a very specialised child psychologist that is known for getting to the bottom of kids difficult to diagnose or that has more or borderline issues (the appointment was made in February - kid you not). In the past I believed that the SID/SPD diagnosis was 100% spot on I am not any more. We need to make sure it is, or not. I am also still waiting for an appointment with his neurologist - who was full in February for the whole year and for whom I had to write a motivation for an appointment yesterday to be on the list for cancellations after initially being told I can just phone for a cancellation in the first week of May. I am wondering if we should try another one, but then he has history on him. (yes, of course I am quietly very stressed about his all - ok, now admitted it for the very first time) And of course the usual yearly Opthamologist appointment.
  8. I am trying to get to the gym in lunch times - yes, it does not give me more than 40 minutes to exercise but its better than nothing. (the gym is literally 5 minutes from the office)
  9. Saturday is going to be busy with the last games of the rugby season and the first games of the hockey season, as well as the usual horse riding which we are trying to squeeze in between this all. I am looking forward to spend time with friends we have not seen in ages on Saturday evening.
  10. In between all this work is busy and I am totally frustrated with total fools that sometimes cross your road. The time wastage just freaks me out. 
  11. I am still totally loving Project Life - totally - I have both week 18 and week 19 up on my Project Life blog since I last pointed you that way. I really want to continue to do this for years to come. It really makes memories so tangible even for the kids.
Oh yes and my friend Samantha van Riet who gave away the lovely books earlier this year now has a new feature on her blog - free printables to keep the kids busy. Perfect for cold winter days and evenings. Have a look here and she will keep them coming - there's a freebie button on her blog. Check regularly

So what's happening in your world?


  1. Sorry that the tummy bug has hit your house and I hope the rest of you don't get it! Number 7 stood out for me!! Good luck with your appointment... I know what that feeling is like. Sending you loads of positive thoughts from Durbs!

  2. Sounds like you're in for a tough while with Mr L... hope it all goes ok

  3. I really hope the stomach flu miss the rest of the family.
    I agree, 40 minutes are better than nothing. The gym is also just 5 minutes away from my office but I fetch the kids from school in my lunch time.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Wow, you sound busy! Not too much happening this side, its getting cold and wet and work is still busy and now adding in projects that I want to do with the house, it will be fun, but can only happen on the weekends, so guess what I will be doing this winter? Hibernating and projecting!

  5. oh no, I hate stomach flu the worst of all sicknesses due to my very obvious hatred of bodily fluids...

    Hope you all stay well this weekend


    PS I feel your anxiety about L. Pray and give it all to God - He's got the big shoulders :)

  6. PS I love, love, LOVE that pic with the birds!

  7. Sjoe honey. Lots going on. I know all about what you are going through and I'm rooting for both you and Mr L. Hope all the sicknesses pass ASAP.

  8. I hope that the tummy bug has left the building and I hope that you had a stunning and relaxing weekend. Off to check out your Project Life.

  9. Sounds like you've been a busy little bee! at this end it's all painting and fixing up that school this week - really doesn't leave much room for anything else at the moment.

    Ps! All this manual labour is a fabulous know, once you can walk again and lift your arms.

  10. I am always worried when I visit your site because I want to buy the books on the sidebar.

    In my world.... I have seen better days? But, I am keeping on, keeping on!


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