Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Of Cowboys and cowgirls that cry and much more

Nope, he was not crying here, he was teasing me when I wanted to take a photo. But sure looks like a down and out cowboy.

Yesterday morning started with lots of tears - Ouma left very early the morning and waking up both my Bear and Princess just could not stop crying. I felt a bit the same. Our Lion, on his part, refused flat out to eat breakfast, demanding granny.  I have said it before and will say it again - I have the very best in laws you can imagine. It was such a very good visit. You guys that have very involved and able grandparents close at hand have no idea what a blessing they are.

But onto other news, although Hunter was away in the bush for the weekend, we had a lovely one. A busy one, but great. I had a fabulous riding lesson and can not believe that in 4 lessons I have progressed from scared to ride to doing a 4 jump course - something I have never done before (I used to do dressage). The thrill it gives me speaks to my soul. All for tackling fears head on and doing something for yourself. Thanks to Hunter who is instrumental in all this.

I can hardly believe it's the last week of the school holidays. How has this just flown by in the blink of an eye? As granny is home and we thought it a good idea to ease mostly our Lion back into school the boys are attending holiday school this week. A is having a sleep over at my mom. I am not looking forward to next week's pace.

I have to have the only child in Pretoria that does not like Wakaberry! My MIL and I took the kids after riding on Saturday for Wakaberry whilst in search of gumboots for Mr C and Mr L declared it uneatable! The other two of course loved it.

BTW finding gumboots this late in season is a mission. (Mr C's feet unexpectedly outgrew his) I went through all the possible options apart from the Pick n Pay hypermarket, where I popped in on Sunday morning to find them unpacking boxes and boxes of gumboots. If I only knew... ( but now you know if you need)

All along I find I am reading less blogs (apologies my friends but life has been busy and I had some lovely books to read) and blogging less, but painstakingly keeping up with Project Life. (If you are interested have a look here - I post every week's layout) I suspect my urge to document everything in our lives is happening in Project Life mostly. Maybe it's a good thing. Maybe I can talk a bit about more sensible things here. Whatever.

We had a lovely day last Tuesday when I took the day off to spend with the family on an outing - more about that later but I promise you, it felt like a holiday. I would totally recommend it.

The photo above was taken at a lovely cowboy party on Saturday. Mr C dressed what I put out for him, apart from boots, which as you know by now was too small. Mr L had his very own interpretation of what he believes a modern day cowboy is (note the darkies) and the Princess, well, she had a picture of Calamity Jane she saw in a book and styled herself accordingly.

And with that, I hope your weekend was great and this week will treat you well.


  1. Hi Cat I did not know what a Wakaberry is. Had to google it :D

    Looks like a lovely weekend, and love the cowboy outfits!

    1. It's the 'in' place for the primary school kids at the moment. Sure there has to be some in Joburg

  2. Your cowboys and cow girl are lovely! And yes, we have lots of tears when the grandparents leave! And well done on the horse riding! My Word!!

  3. Ag, lovely pics.

    Wish we had a wackaberry here!

    And yes, i know what a blessing it is to have involved inlaws xx

  4. They all looked adorable but I LOVED A's costume! We loved that so many people made the effort to dress up a bit :)

  5. Love the photos! A is a brilliant stylist!

  6. I love the last photo of you and the kids.
    Glad you enjoyed the weekend away. Yes, the school holidays have for sure fly by :(

  7. That last photo of you and the kids makes my heart so happy. So much happiness and love in that one shot.


  8. I love these photos! They all look adorable! As for reading blogs, I have my few which I read regularly, that may not mean other peoples regularly, but my regularly none the less ;-) Good luck for the return to school next week, I am always quite sad at the end of holidays...

  9. Your little ones make gorgeous cowboys and your princess is the perfect Calamity Jane. I am so sorry that Ouma's visit passed too quickly. I am sure thatl she was as sad for it to end as the kids were. Love to you my friend.

  10. So sweet, looks like they had a ball at the party XXX

  11. Hey Cat, sounds like an enjoyable weekend. Love reading about your horse riding lessons. Agree that tackling your fears can be quite liberating.

  12. I have not ridden in years, but used to love it!

    I love what your kids are wearing - especially the Calamity Jane! Little OL's gumboots are also from PnP

  13. Oh what sweet cowboys and cowgirl you have :) I just LOVE Wakaberry - but I guess there is a touch of sourness that might not be appealing!

  14. Wakaberry? Never heard of it. The kids all looked the part in their stunning outfits


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