Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Loving right now

1. A is loving the Mr Men and Little Miss series of books. At least one gets devoured a day and in 1 story we will run out of the stash at home.
2. Monopoly Jr - the recent rainy weather sparked the discovery of a forgotten Christmas gift to the great joy of C and A.

3. Spending time relaxing with friends and family. That end of the year is near feeling- not to mention the great joy of watermelon.

4. Rice crispie marshmallow treats. These were served at a party the boys attended over the weekend and the parents had possibly just as many as the kids

 5. Sleep. Gosh Hunter and I am both enjoying sleeping well so much at the moment. I guess one need to be as sleep deprived as we were to really appreciate it.

6. The rain - keep it coming. I love the weather at the moment.
7. The Ultimate Braaimaster - I love how we are seeing so much of our country and so much about making good food on an open fire. I love watching it with Hunter with a cup of tea and a biscuit ready. Our time.

8. The Sikworms - This year the kids each have their own 20 worms in a box. I love the learning and joy that goes with the few weeks that these guys are around. I am however happy that they are spinning already. Less is more really worked this year. Never again those 100's of worms.
9. Progress, milestones and achievements. A 100 stars on C's star chart, an A+ in unprepared drama for A and excellent progress in OT for L. I am a happy mom.

10. Being able to once again do our 3 boxes for Santas shoebox - I am 100% sure that this brings just as much joy to us than to the children that receive them.
And a bonus one:
11. Pretoria in her purple prettiness (although the sinus that goes with it had me very sick this year)

So what are making you happy right now - I am talking the big things and those tiny little ones that just warms your heart.

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  1. What a lovely list of gratefulness. Sometimes we forget to be grateful for the little things and just think about all the big things that we still need to accomplish. A sidenote on the kids used to be very protective over the moths that the silkworms turn into and my cats loved them for a different reason altogether. The fluttering movements and sounds of the moths used to result in a few silkworm boxes being raided by hungry kitties.

  2. I am loving: The Rain; The positive energy in my life at the moment; My son's new words.

  3. I am also loving the spring rain that came late this year. Then the usual thing. Spending time with the family and making memories with the grandchildren. You sound so happy at the moment my friend...I love that. xxx

  4. Where do I sign up for therapy? That looks like fun!!
    So glad you are sleeping well. I live for the next time my head hits the pillow. Thankfully my ladies slept in today!

    1. Oh he loves the OT - she makes everything fun but works hm hard. At times his muscles get very tired but he pushes on

  5. I love the purpleness that is October

  6. Love this post - so many 'lekker' things and the Jacaranda trees - just divine.

    Hope the rest of the week is just as wonderful

  7. btw - loving the rain - I love that it really soaks the ground! No amount of watering does the same job ... sommer baie lekker.

  8. Great post! Can I lend the idea for a blog post for myself as well?

  9. Dankie, nou's ek lus vir waartlemoen! :-P

  10. love this post! I'm editing jacaranda pics right now :) and LOVING the purpleness. D and I are watching Michael Buble and laughing - nice lazy Friday night!

  11. I spy South African Jacarandas !! which funnily enough look just like our Australian Jacarandas :) So glad you mentioned that Pretoria is also known as the Jacaranda City, l've been telling everyone in Grafton. I think they’ve been surprised that they’re not the only ones ;)
    Love your gratitude list - it's such a wonderful thing to do.


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