Friday, 14 November 2014

I should have known...

That there is just no way that I can do a one a day blog challenge post in the busiest month of the year. So without even thinking or bashing myself about this, I am moving on - moving on towards a "Currently I am" post like a few other bloggers did. In a time of overwhelm its an easy way to say a bit of the very much milling in our minds.

Listening to Classic FM. Mostly. I find in times of great business the classical music calms my mind. I have also fallen in love with You Tube music mixes - that top button on the right hand if you search any artist. The last few days saw Mozart, Pachabel and Bach and in various other styles Diana Krall, Harry Connick Jr and Leonard Cohen . Works well when I work.

Reading . I have just finished "The lost girls of Rome" by  Donato Carrisi last night - a chilling hair raising thriller/who dunnit that I do not think I will ever forget. I have just started with "Goeiemore Mnr Mandela" and am looking forward to reading it.
The Lost Girls of Rome

Thinking about what will be my first small little foray into painting after many many years. I have to get the me inside out again - my plan was to start painting again this year - it took me nearly 11 months but I am ready.

Looking forward to sing at two Christmas services with our praise and worship team over the next two Sundays. I have never realised how much I missed singing and singing to praise God until I started again. In this year of turmoil it has been a huge blessing to me.

Anticipating the December holidays, spending time with the in laws and just breaking the routine. Seeing the kids playing with abandon in the sea and the pool. Just summer and Christmas in true South African style.

Planning to get through the next two weeks that will involve - 1 Judo grading, 1 Judo parent showcase, 2 school price givings, 1 recorder exam, 1 music centre price giving, 1 ballet exam showcase, 1 stables price giving, 1 grade 0 farewell, 1 ballet end of year, 1 teacher baby shower and I am sure more to follow.

Wearing soft pants of all sorts with Tshirt type tops. I am tired - and comfort works right now. Especially loving my new Big Blue Shwe shwe print pants.

Drinking way too much coffee and Roses lime cordial with soda.

Thankful that our kids really tried so hard this year. They gave their all.

Wishing and praying that L could have started at his new school next year but positively planning to start where he is now and make the best of it. Also wishing and praying for a place very early next year in what will be his new school.

Not looking forward to getting the logistic in place for next year - stationery, school clothes, bags , labels etc.

Dreaming about care free days , sunshine and sea


  1. Hope L gets into the school quickly... and that the move isn't too stressful when it happens!
    Aargh you've made me think about the damn school stuff for next year... I haven't even thought about Xmas properly yet!
    Loving that you're singing :)

    1. I am not going to stress about Christmas this year! I know exactly what the kids, cousins, grandparents are getting. BIL, SIL and hubby are the only ones I need to figure out.

  2. Do a secret santa for the big people so it's easy and of course give the grands their photobook.

    Love that you're giving yourself grace from the blog challenge!!!

    Re school. Where are you buying iron-on labels for their clothes? Email me please

  3. Busy times until the holidays kick in! I like the look of the Rome book, although still have ten Book Club books to get through! I have read Zelda's book and really enjoyed it, especially reading it from a Kiwi perspective and not knowing enough about SA. I cried... a lot! :)

  4. Ag my vriendin...ek lees hierdie en ek weet presies hoe jy voel. Hoe kan Januarie en Novemberso na aan mekaar wees? Wat het van die jaar geword? Ek kyk na jou program en voel sommer namens jou moeg. Sterkte met die laaste paar weke voor die vakansie begin. Januarie begin ons weer van voor af xx

  5. I feel you on that dreaming about bit! :-)

  6. I can't wait to do your last thing in a month. Care free days, sunshine and sea.
    End of the year busyness and feeling so fatique. I hope the last stretch aren't too busy for you. Hope this week is far less busy.

  7. Holding thumbs for L
    Yes, it is toooo busy now!


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