Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Reflections on the Easter weekend.

There's been a slight chill in the air the last few mornings and we have had light rain here and there. It's definitely autumn and as much as I dislike winter (and love summer), autumn is my second favorite season. I love the beautiful colours, the slightly cooler weather and the rain we often get this time of the year. I also love the hot days in between and the fact that we have the autumn or Easter school holidays. A two and a half week reprieve from the usual mad rush. No need for alarm clocks because even though Hunter and I work we can get up a bit later.

Our Easter weekend was full of fun but interspersed with some sad and ER visits. But I do think we made the best of it never the less and we had some great days.

On Thursday (I took a days leave to spend with the kids) we went to see the Tutankhamun exhibition at the Silver Star casino. Firstly I am no lover of casinos but this was a rather pleasant experience - after the exhibit we had lunch in the outside court with it's very pretty buildings and water feature.

 But onto the exhibit itself - it is such an experience! If you haven't been yet I would highly recommend you get there before it close this Sunday. We all found it fascinating and I loved the fact that they had a special childrens audio guide.

On Friday morning we lost our Rufus to liver failure. The vet thinks that he was very sick as a puppy and that his liver had been damaged for a long time . It took a very ordinary tummy bug to trigger the failure. Our hearts are broken and we miss him every moment. He was the most loving and adorable boy and had a special little something he shared with each and every family member. We know that he has a year with us filled with love and lots of new experiences for him. It is still so unreal. Run free my boy on the eternal beach. We will always love you. It was a very sad Good Friday.

On Friday evening after a day spent mostly at home (the kids amongst other things decorated masks) we decided to go out for dinner and lift the spirits. In the play area Mr L hit his head in an uncovered bit of steel in the trampoline enclosure - and lo and behold bad enough to have it attended to. So we spent a fair amount of time in the ER and he now proudly displays two staples in the back of his head.

On Saturday we fulfilled one of the items on the "we want to do this year" list with the kids - we went fishing. Boy did it turn out a great day and we all felt so relaxed (and very tired) that we all passed out pretty early on Saturday night. I am sure it is going to be one of the highlights of their year and something we will have to repeat at a stage.

On Sunday morning I woke up looking like an unbalanced chipmunk and in pain - turns out I have an apses in a tooth - after a trip to our doctor (no dentist to be found over the long weekend) I am on my way to recovery and then to the dentist to do what will need to be done. We did however spend a great day at my moms where the kids did some Easter egg hunting and played with one of her friends' little girls, about A's age.

Monday was spent quietly at home doing some necessary household tasks and generally chilling around. All and all it was a good weekend despite losing our furboy.

So how was your long weekend?


  1. Darn I'm not going to get to the exhibition, I really wanted to go. As a teen I even named one of my dogs Tut. Sorry about the loss of your lovely dog

    1. Thanks Sula - and it is truly a great exhibition. A friend of mine says she saw more than she did in Kairo in the museum there

  2. So sorry about Rufus :(

  3. Looks like you guys had lots of Easter fun.

  4. A mixed bag weekend you had! Hope L Is ok and your tooth?

    So sorry about Rufus

    Our long weekend was good, church on. Friday and Sunday. Lots of home time

  5. LOL - I'm reminded of a T-Shirt my Mum had when I was younger. It has 2 Tutumkaman heads on it, one on each breast and underneath it said "Don't touch my Tuts" Haha.
    Sorry to hear abour Rufus. The pets seem to be having a bad year amongst us bloggies.
    Ouch on the head

    1. Its our second furbaby in less than a year - the other one due to old age.

  6. Sorry to hear about the dog! So sad to lose a trusted friend!
    We also loved Tutankamun!

    Hope all is better with the wounds and the teeth?

  7. sorry about your dog. Go read - she posted about their dog Rufus a few posts ago (looks like your Rufus). They have a little dog they're adopting soon.


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