Monday, 13 April 2015

Featurued blogger of the month

Amongst the mommy bloggers the idea came up to each feature another blogger per month - for support and promotion of each others blogs. This month I have been teamed up with Celeste of Surviving Jonkersville - also a mom of 3 that I have by chance just started reading a short while ago.
We agreed on her suggestion to share a batch of questions as introduction and here are her answers:

What is your favourite time of day?
Celeste: All day

Who is your favourite author?
C: Marian Keyes

Do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks?
C: Paperbacks. Nothing compares to the touch and smell of a books (even musty old book smells)

Which TV family is most like your own?
C: My kids say we are like The Russo's in Wizards of Waverly Place. The jury is out on that one because I don't get to watch much TV with remote control wars and all.

What is something you own or are into that you love, but no one else does?
C: It's a love/hate relationship but it's definitely my Crocs. Not the big ugly ones though but it's still Crocs :(

What is the luckiest thing that happened to you?
C: Winning R5000 in a writing competition a few years ago.

What is the weirdest, grossest or scariest encounter you've had with an insect or household pest?
C: A lizard once ran into the house and I sprayed it with a can of Doom. Still not sure why I reached for the Doom...

If you could earn R2000 by eating the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for an entire month, what would it be?
C: Hotcakes

What movie would you watch over and over again and why?
C: The Notebook. It's a love story, need I say more

So now that you know a bit about her, pop over and say hi.

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