Friday, 20 November 2015

On fun, events and more

This morning we had the yearly Ladies' breakfast event hosted by our Institute for Architects. It started out years ago as the Secretaries' breakfast but as it was always the most fun event with the best goodie bags, it was changed to include all ladies in architecture. After all why should us architects attend all the boring CPD events but not be able to attend the one fun day of the year. It's a lovely morning being spoiled a bit before the year ends.

We have had many wonderful presentations for this event. One year we made mosaics, another one taught us beautiful gift wrapping ideas and we also learnt how to make concrete art works the one year. This years' offering was simply fabulous!

The theme was "50 Shades of bra's and panties". It started out with a fabulous performance by Lillipip Performances . I laughed literally until I cried. Good clean fun - and a fabulous idea for a Kitchen or even Stork tea or any ladies type event. I can really recommend it. Then we all had our bra sizes checked by La Senzas' team of fabulous ladies. In the meantime breakfast was served and tea after.

Then we made our own room fragrance thingy - you know those bottles you buy with the bamboo sticks in? We were given a "recipe" and all the ingredients to mix our own. It was great fun and smells divine.

 We were once again spoilt - a Woolworths gift voucher of R150 (for new undies) from Floorworx (with Sally Williams nougat!), a beautiful vase with rose from Ceasarstone,  a R200 off voucher from La Senza (plus a lariat and measuring for bra size), cute undies cookies from The Yellow Hat chef and our room fragrance we made with bamboo sticks. There was also a lucky draw where two of the ladies won undies - one a set from La Senza and one from Victorias secret. It was fun and just what I needed after a long tiring week.

I myself am no lover of the traditional kitchen or stork teas and attend just for the sake of my friend that is being celebrated. I do however love these type of events when I do get the chance (usually this once a year one and maybe a blogger event now and again). It's good to be in the company of other women and it gives the girls in the office a chance to spend time together in a social setting. After all they are always extremely well organised.

So I would love to know what's your take on events like these?


  1. That looks like a fabulous glad to hear that you cried with laughter ♥

  2. I see those ladies breakfasts and run a mile in the other direction. I saw this one and just ignored the mail. I am glad to see that it was a great event, because the few I did attend was not stuff I was interested in. I should remember to go next year to find you :)

  3. It looks like you had a fabulous time!! Its good to recharge your batteries and have a bit of fun now and again. I think we don't do it often enough!

  4. I love industry events because of two things 1) catch-up time with old work colleagues (my industry seems huge but basically we all just move around and around :)) 2) great speakers 3) good food :)

    Oh, and time talking social stuff with my current colleagues!

    So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  5. I'm such a fan of those room fragrance thingies too! Sounds like a great day.

  6. I've never been to one of these. I'd love to, though.

  7. Definitely seems like so much fun. I wonder if we have industry events!!


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