Tuesday, 12 April 2016

It's Tuesday Booksday

Personally I am a huge fiction reader - its my poison of choice. So is A. She can get lost in a book - reminds me so much of myself at her age. Hunter would rather read an autobiography or biography or anything that is in the non -fiction genre (with some exceptions like Deon Meyer). C reads very well but he is not a lover of fiction. He reads the odd book but he loves non fiction too. Add to that his insatiable curiosity about anything historical and you have an idea of what to get him to read. After all he is our aspiring archeologist. That being said, all 3 the kids love a certain type of book - call it an illustrated fact book. Like this one (History year by year) we reviewed before.

Today let me show you this wonderful book (that I picked up at the Exclusive Books sale for R69,00 - best buy ever!) It has been one of those where they fight over who gets to read it today. It is called Archeology detectives, written by Simon Adams and published by Barron's.
The books starts with a child friendly index page that show you the different archeological discoveries the book features with their time frames.
This is followed by a page that is very informative on what archeology is a how some techniques work
The seperate archeological finds follow is a well structure format of:

A title page with a big photograph and a location pointer on the world map with description and a summation of what the discovery is.

 He next two pages gives background on the people and place that was discovered - background to the find.
The next two pages shows the actual find with sketches and photographs.
The last two pages is about the archeology itself - how it was found, restored or displayed and what the finding showed.
 It's a wonderful fascinating read that I have dipped into myself.

So I would love to know which books your kids love (and fight about) and would they be interested in a book like this?


  1. It so well put together. Looks like a great book. We are still reading to our little one so a little bit a ways until we get to this kind of book. However the pictures are so nice it will interest the little ones to.

    1. I think it is what I love most about it - so well put together.

  2. That looks really good. My children particularly Fjord would certainly be interested

  3. For K right now it's still very much stories. The more animals the better. I like the picture learning fact books, and it'll be something we look into when he's a bit older.


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