Friday, 4 November 2016

Five for Friday edition 21

1. I have been cutting back on sugar - a lot! I used to eat a lot of sweet things - it is really my addiction - mostly jelly type sweets. I realized a while ago that sugar makes me super tired and that was the flag for me to start cutting. The result is a 4kg loss over about 4 months. I also feel a lot better most of the time.

2. Despite the above the end of the year fatigue is huge! Although I do think my fatigue is a few years old and not just this year. We have not had a good long rest in a while.

3. A danced her first SA Dance schools championship competition on Wednesday night. The girls could not compete in the novice division where they are supposed to because it clashed with the Kyknet show so they had to compete in the Lyrical advanced category. Despite that they did very well and managed a High Silver. We (and their teacher) are so very proud of how much these 4 girls have achieved this year. Personally it has been very rewarding seeing our ballerina branch into something more modern with such ease.

4. Work has been tiring - on a physical level too as I have been inspecting completed townhouses for the last few weeks. It is a workout on its own involving lost of walking, stair climbing and crunches.

5. I am so thankful for the huge big thunderstorm and rain we had this week. The water situation here is desperate and every drop is needed. Here's hoping and praying for more.

With that - best of luck for all who have kids studying or starting exams soon. What's your 5 for Friday?


  1. Congrats on the sugar cut. I know I should cut sugar as well

  2. Well done on cutting back on sugar. Go you! Oh my goodness, double yay for A and her dance group.

  3. I love your 5 For Friday posts! My 5 are:

    1. My little boy handled his 18 month vaccinations like a champ today! Minimal crying, and no misery afterwards!

    2. Related, 2 canines and 1 molar has cut through! Teething is not for sissies!

    3. Weekend...need I say more? It's been a long and trying week!

    4. I'm supposed to be doing a 21 Days Of Awesomeness challenge. It hasn't gone so well...oops!

    5. I'm inspired by your sugar-cutdown. I've been feeling the need to cut down myself. Man, it is hard!

  4. I think I've increased my sugar :) You should tell me more when I next see you :)

    5 about today:

    no gym
    santa drop off
    tea turned into loooong divine lunch with friends
    pottered around kitchen a bit
    and now, a good 1.5 hours of playing with photos :)

  5. Sounds like you need a nice, long, well-deserved break!

    Congrats on your little dancer's achievement - so awesome!

  6. I am so glad to hear that you had rain. I saw some images of Silverlakes. Well done for A on her achievement. She does you proud.

    ps. I will be at Silverlakes golf club this weekend giving my first scrapbooking class ;-)

  7. Hope you get some rest as the year winds down. Well done to A on the dance and the results.

    Happy about the rain but sad about the storms and the related deaths :(
    Though we didn't get as much as most places but any is better than none
    It was K'a birthday on the 4th and she is really enjoying this whole birthday month. At 3 she finally gets it. She still requested me to sing happy birthday to her today.


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