Monday, 5 June 2017

Life right now

Most of you know that it has been a tough year for me. In fact I feel as if we have had a few tough years. But this one has been horrid. My leg and now having to take over a business and run it (and a super tough project that I had NO knowledge about) has been harrowing to say the least. I am exhausted and tired BUT feel that I am slowly coming into my own. Slowly starting to make sense of things. There are lots still to be done and my workload is very heavy at the moment. But I am feeling more positive and striving to make it work.

I have even been reading less but it is mostly related to being totally exhausted at the end of the day and not even reading a paragraph before sleep just overwhelms me.

All 3 the kids are writing exams as from today and the weekend has been filled with studies and cooking. My amazing husband always helps so much and we managed to fill the freezer with meals for the next 3 weeks. I also made 86 pieces of my Marie biscuit chocolate squares  - 24 pieces for each of C and A classes (the moms take turns to make treats in the exam weeks) and 24 for the church bake sale - and a few for home.

The boys have one rugby match left ( their team is top of the league but they are playing the no 2 team tomorrow). C will not be playing - he is on anti biotics but L is hugely excited. The hockey season has just started and A and some of her friends have been placed in the second team because we do not have enough under 13 girls to make a team. They are struggling a bit - and it's tough to adapt from a league winning (without conceding a goal) under 11 B team to a tean that is mostly under 12's playing teams that are under 13 - but it will make them stronger. So far they had one win, one goalless draw and one 4-1 loss. She has also danced her Lyrical grade 5 exam and did well. We are all very ready for a holiday - I think maybe me more than anyone else.

So that is my world in a few sentences - so what is happening in yours? I definitely need to get back to regular blogging because I really do need the outlet.


  1. It definitely sounds like you feel more in control, which is always a positive thing. I also can't wait for the holidays to come round. I feel like the girls are exhausted and could do with a bit of a break, long enough to get bored.

    1. I also feel they need to be a bit bored to be a long enough holiday

  2. Great that you are coming into your own with regards the business!
    It is a tough year for us as well, but we are seeing the light!

  3. Shame man, sounds like you have been having a hectic time, hope all smooths out soon and that this holiday break coming up will help all of you with some much needed r&r.

    We are looking at schools for baby for next year and OMW is it expensive!! I think it might also be because of the area where we are looking, but I really don't feel comfortable leaving him so far away from us while we are at that's another added stress to the list...

  4. Oooh yum!

    There is a nice recipe that I actually only made once or twice (from Pinterest, no less) with oats, coconut and cocoa. You drop spoonfuls onto a baking sheet and they harden. YUMMY!

    I really wish we could have a nice long lunch and catch up!

  5. Wow. You certainly have a lot going on right now. But it seems to me you're pretty much on top of it all, even if it is exhausting! Hope you get to have a well-deserved break soon!

  6. That sounds really tough with the work and I hope it all gets figured out. Hugs... By the way those marie biscuit chocolate squares look delicious!

  7. It really sounds as if you had a very tough year so far. I hope the second half will be much better. The chocolate squares look delicious, I have to try it sometime.
    I also use blogging as an outlet, it is really one thing I try to make time for regularly although it would be nice to have more time for that. Good luck! :)

  8. So sorry to hear you have been having a tough year. I hope and pray the second half will be a huge improvement! xx


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