Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Curve ball

I was fully prepared to spend Monday at the hospital . My mom had a knee replacement scheduled and to be honest, we couldn't wait for it to go ahead. She has been walking with great difficulty for the last couple of months and this will be a huge improvement on her quality of life. When her surgery was cancelled on Sunday night due to a bout of bronchiolitus, I prepared myself for a day at work and only breaking to take her home sometime during the course of the day. What I was not prepared for was spending the day at the hospital with The Boys.

Sunday night's sleep was interrupted with constant coughs and wheezes from The Boys. I managed to get an appointment at the paediatrician at two the afternoon, and the boys were immediately admitted to hospital with bronchiolitus and are being treated with oxygen and antibiotics to prevent secondary infections. I blame myself and H for not taking them to the doctor on Saturday when they started coughing, but was assured by the doctor that it would not have made a difference as the disease develops literally over night from the RS virus.

So, I have been spending my days at the hospital, trying to fit some work in between, and not managing much. I go home to sleep - an issue that I do feel guilty about, but was ordered to do by the doctors in order to assure that my milk production does not stop due to being over tired. The hospital is unfortunately quite far from home and located in a rather unpleasant part of town, but houses a stunning paediatric unit. Every child has a stunning mural in their little cubicle with a lazy boy for the parents to rest in. They have prepared a private room for The Boys to enable them to see each other as in the normal cubicle setup they will not be able to.

I am very relieved to report that they are at last showing some improvement today but we have been warned by the doctor to be patient as the disease must run it's course. Please hope and pray for a speedy recovery.

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  1. Yikes! I hope your boys get better soon. Having kids in hospital is always so worrisome.

    Our two had a deep cough that I attributed to a cold (that I had likely given them as they became symptomatic nearly a week after I did). It lasted nearly two weeks, but I didn't take them to the doctor. Why RSV isn't on my mind, I simply don't know.


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