Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Life's too short...

  • for bad coffee. Really one need proper coffee - preferably an espresso processed in the preferred way
  • to worry about chipped nail polish on my toes. I know for some others its not, for me it is.
  • to stress about the few cents more milk/ bread/ apples may cost at the Spar or Woollies vs any other grocer. The fact is if you pass the shop on your way the petrol money to take you to the other may be more than the price difference. And not to speak of your time
  • not to have Russians and chips from the corner cafe now and again. Its a wonderful trip down memory lane
  • to continue reading a book you do not enjoy. Although I am very determined to read a book, especially recommended books, I am now at the point where I may just stop it if I do not enjoy the book
  • to not write in pretty colours in pretty note books. Its somewhat of an obsession for me
  • to listen to crappy music - turn off that radio off!
  • to have an ugly calender on your wall. Print one with family photos - it will bring joy to you for a whole year. And while you are at it it makes the perfect grandparents gifts every Christmas
  • to not have a cream soda/ soft serve in a cone/ pack of cheese curls/ Popeye sherbet/ fizz pop now and again. Whatever brings back childhood happy memories. The good thing about being a parent is that those are way more in reach than if you are not
  • to not have a really great slice of cake now and again. And boy did we have on Sunday
  • in any event. Hug more, laugh more, play more


  1. I agree with your list...
    Except... the chipped nail polish... fingers toes... no no no! Rather have no polish than chipped polish! :-)
    And the book thing... I find is so hard to make the decision to just stop reading a book I'm not enjoying, I don't know why that is, but I really struggle to just say, well I hate this book so not gonna finish it!

    1. Thats actually what I do Sharon - I just take the polish off. That takes 2 secs but to repaint, nope!

  2. I love your list. I too enjoy some things I had in my childhood occasionally and it's pure bliss.
    Last week Wednesday, I had such a fantastic piece of cake from Woolworths. It was so worth it.
    Your point regarding crappy music. I don't listen radio anymore. I like having my USB drive in the car and listen to good music without advertisements, radio commentators and crappy music off course ;)
    You are really living life, Rina. Whoo-hoo!

  3. I love this list...and totally agree on all points.

  4. that Russian and chips makes me think of a roti from Delhi Snacks in PE. The other day a FB friend from primary school (who lives near my mother so I've run into her in the shopping centre) posted a pic of one - took me RIGHT back to my teenage year. Those rotis are YUMMY!

  5. So true! Life is too short to sweat the small things.

    I've started applying this principle to many things I do now. Though I would battle to read a book I'm not enjoying

  6. Great list Cat, really l agree with everything - but particularly about the bad music on the radio....life's far to short for that!

  7. I couldn't agree more with living without creme soda and good coffee!!

  8. Cute list and tooo true!


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