Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sometimes I wonder what the neighbours think.

Last night was one of those... you know those scary evenings that just sneak up on you to catch you unawares and wrecks havoc. We had the most delightful dinner and bedtime on Tuesday night, but last night....

I got home late after phoning Lucy and feeling guilty about being late - as luck has it, I had The Lil Miss with me at the office the afternoon after ballet so at least I did not have drama at school. There was an accident on my way home, traffic was delayed and I have a terrible cold. I forgot my lifesaving cold medicine at work. So a stop at the local pharmacy made me even later.

Got home, threw something together for dinner as I forgot to give Lucy dinner to make for us the morning. I had a very tired girl sulking on the couch, crying because daddy was not home - truly no reason to do this, it's one night in how many that he was working late. Then I had a niggly Little man L dragging his chair to the kitchen counter and insisting to grab EVERYTHING in sight - sugar bowl, tin opener, espresso machine... and crying about it.

Back in the lounge mayhem broke loose when the DVD the other two were watching stopped working - on closer inspection due to a sticky tiny fingerprint on the surface. While trying to clean it, an all out fight broke loose between the boys - there was biting and wrestling and hitting involved. So I tried to separate the two into the two "naughty corners" but Little man L just insisted on dashing back to resume the fight. Eventually they both calmed down.

Dinner was a disaster - salmon lasagna was "gross" according to the Lil Miss - I had a mini fit. Little man C did not eat much but as he had a banana only an hour ago so I let it go. Little man L thankfully had a nice helping. Then he started crying while I was shouting explaining to his sister that food is never gross. I decided to loose the fight but proceed upstairs to win the battle on the bath side. Now I was carrying a hysterical Little man L up the stairs just to find the Lil Miss sobbing because she didn't "win" - getting upstairs first. While I am filling the bath and try to console L the other two decided that my craft cupboard has interesting offerings and they proceed to unpack it. I wrestle forcefully remove dangerous some items from them. I get all 3 in the bath - silence and play resumes for 5 minutes. Bliss.

The next moment hysteria - C was squirted in the face with water. I quickly do medicine, wash, toot brushing and get him out of the bath. He is sobbing. Now L is standing up in the bath, attempting to get out. I grab him and place him on the bed in a towel next to his brother. A is crying by now because she is last again (as if this matters) - so I get her out. At least she dries and dresses herself but then goes to sulk in her room. Now I have two crying wet naked boys. I dress the one that is the most hysterical  crying so loud the neighbors need earplugs , first. So off to bed, C still crying. L now Mr. friendly grin of perfect sweet child - nappy advert stuff.  With the promise of a story I manage to get the Lil Miss with us to do bible and prayers. As very short story and prayer follows.

Put the boys to bed, try to read a story to A. C is still hysterical, he wants his book. I manage to calm him down with another book. Now we have L running into the room every couple of minutes, laughing and grinning. Eventually I just say goodbye to all and head downstairs to catch the last half hour of Survivor and have some dinner.  It was not to be - a thunderstorm broke loose and between getting the puppies inside and consoling a hysterical little man C I made it in time to see the tribal council - and have a now reheated dinner.

At least I watched The Mentalist and the kids slept through. Not me though - was constantly worried about my sweet man, working and having to drive home. Woke at 1:30, read a couple of pages, woke when he got home at about 3:30, slept again until little man L woke up at 5:45.

It's not easy being a parent, and I know in a couple of years I will laugh at this - as I do now about those extreme baby evenings - they were way worse. But this too shall pass. Please God give me the strength not the be so upset about it. To embrace it. Hec, who am I kidding?


  1. Oh! my life, I feel for you. I really, really hope that you have a night filled with laughter and joy - tonite. Sending you a huge big hug. Try and get some rest over the long weekend.

  2. Oh my goodness! Sounds like quite an evening! Hope you are able to relax a little this coming long weekend...

  3. And that was the one night you needed Hunter home early! Never mind. Its times like these that make one appreciate the peaceful times and its one reason why I bought a house where the neighbours are far away!

  4. goodness me....that's why i'm glad i only have the one Kid...and also why i'm too scared to have more!

    you're brave, lady. far braver than me!


  5. Wow! We have all been there and done that but it sure stinks when you are going through it. I hope today is better!!

  6. Some nights just make your shake your head and wonder why we are doing this.

    But then other days are so full of joy.

    Its just life. :)

  7. Oh this really took me way back when my DH was still working for Pick 'n Pay and I had to raise the children on my own because he was never home.

    Add to this that he went to the border for 3 months every second year...

    I feel for you girl...being a mom is not for sissies.

  8. What a night! Having a cold didn't help I'm sure. Sounds like you did the best you could for being OUTNUMBERED! ;) Don't be too hard on yourself. That's probably one of the worst things we can do as moms is beat ourselves up after a hard night. Parenting is the HARDEST JOB in the WORLD! Prayers are on the way!

  9. And you are tired and stressed from work. I feel for you, because I know exactly how it feels.

  10. Its nights like this where I sit down and have a good cry!

    It is INSANE how they pack all their drama into 2 hours!!!

  11. Oh dear! One of those nights! Sounds very familiar. Hope that tonight is much much better.

    And I worry about my hubby too when he comes home late. It's such a relief when he finally walks through the door!

  12. Yikes! That's one hell of a night. I hope you don't have too many more like that! (I won't say ever - because that's just the recipe to ensure that it happens a lot... ;) )

  13. "This too shall pass" was my motto for quite a few years, when I had 4 children under 4. Life does get easier, physically, but unfortunately it seems to get more complicated in other ways (cue teenager......)

  14. I've been there! And aren't they so cute when they are sleeping. Makes you torn between cuddling them and not wanting to touch them as you're afraid of anything that might wake them up.

  15. HOLY mama! That did sound awful and chaotic! YIKES! Wonder why they were all so cranky together??? Hope no one is getting sick. UGH

    Here's praying tomorrow is a better day and thanking God that there is such a thing as another day ;)

  16. It must've been one of those matter where you were. Several friends/moms/coworkers of mine were all agreeing today that this was a long week with kid struggles and juggling acts at home. 3 of us were almost in tears this morning venting to each other.

    hope the rest of your week went better!!

  17. You poor thing! Isn't it something; that they seem to know when we're week and just know when to best drive you to the brink! :)

  18. Gosh that sounds exhausting - I think you should get a medal!

  19. It does sound exhausting... but WONDERFUL! I love that you have a big family. My husband and I have been trying to expand for over a year now, and your story just sounds like heaven. :)

    I do agree with the comment above though... I'd have a "good cry" - but I'd add a nice cup of hot tea! :)

    Jenny (


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