Monday, 26 July 2010

So another weekend flew by...

With a visit to granny on Saturday (and a sick Hunter), church and friends over for Sunday afternoon cake and coffee. The princess and I baked cappuccino muffins (no recipe - it was a pre-mix). But they were seriously good.
I also cooked Oxtail.In South Africa, oxtail is a delicacy - not sure about the rest of the world. My mom is well known for her oxtail recipe, but I took it yesterday and changed it a bit - made it a bit healthier and more "modern".It was simply delicious winter comfort food. It aslo went of well with the kidlets - we had 2 out of 3 "happy bowls" (empty bowls) and the third almost there. So being the good blogging friend I am, here's the recipe: ( I even converted it for the US girls - to pounds and liquid ounces). Oh and I forgot to take a picture.

Cat's healthier Oxtail

1,5kg (3,3 pounds) Oxtail ( you can use other stewing beef if you would like to)
Salt and pepper to taste
25ml (0,8 oz) oil
25ml (0,8 oz) butter

Season meat with salt and pepper
Fry until brown in a thick bottom pot.
Decant and keep warm in over.

Make sauce:
One glove garlic, finely chopped or pressed
Half an onion, chopped into very small bits
25ml (0,8 oz) dried mustard powder
250 ml (8,5 oz) beef stock
50 ml (1,7 oz) tomato paste
salt and a small bit of basil
20 ml (0,7 oz) maezina (thickener)
12,5 ml (0,4 oz) worchester sauce
500 ml (17 oz) red wine
250 ml (8,5 oz) natural low fat or fat free yogurt
Chopped parsley

Fry onion and garlic briefly in the same pot as above.
Mix stock, tomato past, mustard, salt and basil.
Add to pot.
Mix maezina and worchester sauce. Add red wine.
Add mix to pot and stir.
Add meat and simmer over low heat for about 6 hours.
Add water when required to cover the meat and stir now and again.
Before serving, add yogurt.
Sprinkle parsley over when serving.

 Please let me know if you try this and loved it too!
Having found a "new" great recipe Makes my Monday.
Playing along with Cheryl.


  1. Oh yummy - that oxtail sounds delish. I will def give it a bash and report back.

    Weekends have a horrible habit of flying by - don't they!

    Those muffins look yum!

  2. For box muffins they sure look good to me.
    Don't eat red pass on some chicken dishes next time :)

  3. I have never had oxtail!

    Your muffins look delicious :) And you can definitely see the family resemblance between you and the cousins in previous post.

    (don't tell me they're Hunter's family or something otherwise I will DIE of embarrassment LOL)

  4. LOL Marcia - no, they are from my side - my mom's to be exact. And we have another cousin my age that also falls into the pattern as well as my princess.

  5. I am going to try that recipe cos I love oxtail but havent ever made it. It will be a very ambitious ask of me so will save it for a rainy weekend. :-)

  6. I love oxtail...will try your recipe. I have some "tomato bredie" cooking on my stove right now...yum!

    Hope Hunter is better;-D

  7. mmm this is different to my recipe, will definitely give it a try :)

  8. this recipe sounds so good.

  9. I don't think I've ever even heard of oxtail! Glad it went over with the kids so well!

  10. Those muffins look awesome!!

  11. New recipes are SUCH Monday Makers!

    Thank you so much for playing along, and for sharing something that sounds so savory!

  12. That sounds quite yummy and very similar to my beef stew.
    How do you serve it? I mean, with rice, potatoes, pasta, alone?

  13. @debi - with rice as the kids love rice, but traditionally with "stampmielies" or samp. (do a wiki search)

  14. I have never heard of oxtail but it does sound good. I wonder if we can buy it here. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  15. Yummy! Especially for those cold winter nights. I love stews and soups. Potjiekos. Food for the soul.


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