Monday, 7 February 2011

Just the usual madness

  • Well, apart from the anger/tantrum issues that Little man L is having at the moment. Gee, they are HUGE! However, tonight was easy, calm and tantrum free. Can you believe it?
  • Added to that, and please Mr Murphy do NOT read here! We have had a whole week that L has slept through and C woke up briefly on 2 nights only. Please may this be the start of better sleep.
  • And this is how you look if your 6 year old sister makes you a pirate with face paint.


  1. May you have at least 330 more nights of good sleep :)

    And he looks ADORABLE - I agree with A, that's what little brothers are for.

  2. Cutest photo! :D
    Doesn't bode well that you still struggle with temper and sleep issues! (Thinking of my two year old) Good luck!

  3. Really hope that this is the beginning of the end of the sleep issues for you.


  4. I am wishing for many nights of good sleep. Your daughter is a genuis to use her brothers as canvasses to paint on.


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