Friday, 27 May 2011

Port Edward light tower

I have a bot of bloggers block, or just not much to say today. So, I revert back to catching up on those many holiday memories not shared yet - and make a nice Photostory Friday post.

On the last day of our holidays in April on the South Coast, we spent the morning at the beach (and not watching the Royal wedding) and after that, the Princess could choose a reward as she was really so helpful and good for the holiday. She choose (to my delight) to go to the light tower at Port Edward. It is a modern one, and not very old, but one can climb right to the top (which she bravely did, even tough the last bit is a cat ladder) and have a nice light meal at the cafe in it. It also sports a cool children's play area.
Sign on the gate post.

My favorite photo of the afternoon - this is taken in colour, not black and white, and I love the washed out colours (if you can call it that) on the inside.

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  1. Those views from the top of the tower are lovely.

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures. How lovely!

  3. Wow! Your photos really make me want to visit the area.

  4. I just love lighthouses and this is one I haven't been to

  5. This looks beautiful! I love light houses...and their beautiful views!!! Makes me want to plan a trip to the beach very soon and let the kids see their first lighthouse.

    LOVE the photo of the stair case!! amazing!

  6. Simply gorgeous....your last photo is so very beautiful.

  7.  Thanks Lynette - I want to have a canvass made of it for the house.

  8. Oh lawdy those stairs woulda killed me!


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