Monday, 6 June 2011

The weekend that was...

was a good one - relaxing, not too much planned and quite a lot done amongst it working in the garden and getting a water leak sorted. What made my heart very happy this weekend was:
  • Our first night with both boys sleeping through in a while.
  • Attending the baby shower of a friend who has waited 7 years, 2 miscarriages, IVF attempts and a tube pregnancy for her little man
  • The Princess' first play date with a school friend from her new school. Up until now she did not seem to have made a specific bond with one girl.
  • Making vetkoek for the family ( a first for the boys) and everybody enjoying it so much. A definite future idea.
  • Making my first lamb and lentil stew ever -  dinner for tonight and tastes and looks wonderful.

  • The boys really taking part in family church on Sunday morning - singing, going to the front to dance with the bigger kids and going to the front on their own when the pastor was calling for 3 year olds to come to the front. I am so proud of the confidence they both showed - maybe it is confidence in numbers?
  • The kids playing so nicely all together on Sunday - first with Little man L's new roller paint and then making tents and camping in the garden.
This artwork is going on the passage wall.

When I went to break down her tent late afternoon while she was napping, I found her 3 little friends patiently waiting inside. I just love these little snippets of their childhood that I can capture.
And even though a Monday turns out super hectic like mine - a weekend like this, just Makes my Monday.

Playing along with Cheryl.


  1. YAY for good weekends. That stew looks YUM. I love stew!

  2. Beautiful pics. And I LOVE stew. My kids do too. That seems to be the only way to feed them vegetables and lentils. I have never made vetkoek before. Am so going to make it this weekend. I think my sons will LOVE it.
    Sending you good sleepy vibes for tonight.

  3. laurakim  I never used to like stew but my, am I now in love with it. Wish I had more time to make them.

  4. Making tents is one of my favourite childhood memories.

    Here's to the boys sleeping through every night...I know you need it in this chilly weather :)

  5. Wonderful how you always give your kiddo's creative things to keep themselves busy....

  6. That stew looks yummy and more-ish and now I want some!

    So glad for your friend that is now finally pregnant. It makes my heart warm when someone that so badly wants a little one finally has their dream come true.

  7. Oh that artwork is to die for, Cat! ADORE it!!!! Such a Monday maker, thank you so much for playign along!

  8. Precious! It sounds like the perfect weekend!

  9. Perfect, absolutely perfect. That stew looks yummy!

  10. Love L's look of concentration, the thoughtful look of C and of course, A's gorgeous red boots. I love those paints - I'm about this close to getting me some, just to mess around :)

    I got a little bit crafty with making some notebooks this weekend... need to take pics and show you all.

    The stew looks divine. Mmmmm, with some crusty bread :) 

  11. Looks like a great weekend!  I love the tents.  I remember playing in home-made tents when I was a child.  I'm sure they'll remember that too!

  12. Looks like a great weekend:-)

  13. What a great weekend.  The lamb and lentil stew looks YUM!

    Here hoping to many more nights of sleep for you and many more weekends like this one.

  14. What a lovely week-end!  That lamb and lentil stew looks divine!  Perfect comfort food for chilly weather.  We're having Thai chicken curry tonight! :)  So  nice that the children played well together - that is always such a blessing!

  15. I love to see how you capture these little snippets from your life.  That lamb and lentil stew looks yummy!

  16. She is so much like Polly it is frightening!

    Glad that you had an entire night's rest.  How divine.  Let's pray that this will be the first of many.



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