Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Blood brothers...

Or so you think they will be. After all, they have shared more time together than any of us did - spending 9 months snugly together in utero. But those scans showing them kicking each other must have been a warning I forgot. The honest truth is that since opening their eyes on Saturday morning, it has been the one fight after the other. They are both covered in bite marks, pinch marks and lots of tears have been shed. Its almost a full on war! They kick, they tease, they cry. The intensity of the fights far surpass anything I have seen between non-twin siblings.

We are exhausted, feel rather defeated. Hunter in an attempt to promote peace sat and showed them how to (peacefully) play cars together. It worked, for a bit. Just a bit. This morning seem to have been a bit calmer. The calm before the storm?


  1. oh my friend, this makes me so sad and I feel powerless to help.

    I would just go into my corner and cry.

    Oh I didn't blog but I cried the other day. D arrived and they told him, "Mummy sad". I was tempted to "milk" it a bit longer but don't want to give them a complex or the thought that they have power over me.

  2. Coming into their own maybe?

    I don't know, but I wish you love and strength to get through this.

    Kids going on at each other nonstop is the most exhausting thing there is.

    Lots of love xxx

  3. Wow! That must be difficult!
    I remember growing up and all the fights... I did not even like my sister then!
    I don't have any advice...

    Thumbs that it will get better!

  4. Oh no! The good Lord knew not to give us twins, I have much respect for you! They must be a handful!

  5. We also have days like this. It's exhausting! And the big troublemaker is Child2!
    (Hugs) my friend, am sure it will pass.xx

  6. So tough to deal with and watch. Maybe some time apart? I know that's hard to make happen but maybe something to try? Good luck ....hope the week/end ahead is calmer and quieter.

  7. Oh my goodness! I feel your pain on this - it is the one thing I really can not handle - I would rather they be naughty than constantly "go" at each other.

    With mine I now take pocket money away - they get a warning and next time is R2/R5 whatever!

    I know the twins are too small for that but it will get to that one day!

  8. I feel your pain. Mine is also like this for a week now. It is exhausting and it is because my youngest is also now developing her own personality which is totally different than that of my son's. So they are bumping heads over everything :(
    Good luck and I hope you two stop as well as mine.

  9. Time out works a treat - SuperNanny style. Really, you have be very very consistent though. Give it a try! Strongs to you - we have all been there and it will get better!

  10. Oh no...that must be one of the most tiring things ever. Sending lots of love.


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