Monday, 7 November 2011

Things I have learned this weekend...

  • Starting your weekend at 4 pm on a Saturday is so not on! The weekend is way too short. My course only finished after 3:30 on Saturday.
  • We have come a long long way this year - the kids are pretty amazing despite little moments of unhappiness. The were so great this weekend.
  • If you make a game of helping mommy and daddy in the garden the tidy up takes less the time that in usually does - seeing who can collect the biggest bunch of pine needles is a challenge for 3.
  • Camping in the lounge on Saturday nights ensures a night of great sleep for all.
  • It is totally possible that 2 4 year olds and a 6 year old take naps on both weekend afternoons. Hunter is amazing facilitating this one.
  • De cluttering can be extremely rewarding - I tackled an area yesterday that has bothered me forever and I can not stop looking at it and feeling happy about it. There are almost 30000 other spaces in our house that need that attention too.
  • 3 kids can have huge fun digging into the recycle bag and making boats - the Princess saw it in a book and I had great fun helping them to make their boats  For the boys we simply used a container that will float with a cut off cooldrink top. The Princess did a more complex design.. After that they played for hours.

So what did you learn this weekend?


  1. I learnt that I forgot to send you the pic I said I would! Oops!

    I love the recycled toys :)

    And for me, I learnt that one crazy and crabby afternoon is just that - it's not that huge in the grand scheme of things :)

  2. Love those boats! I learned that Quinn is becoming quite a good runner and is enjoying it too! I am very proud of him. He ran 6km yesterday!

  3. Your princess is a clever girl to come up with ideas she sees in books and that can keep her little brothers happy for a long time. Nothing that is as magical to children as water and sand.

  4. Oh how clever!! Looks like they really enjoyed it

  5. what fun water play! And yeah for decluttering!!!

  6. Ah yes decluttering. I (apparently) go mad once every so many months and (apparently) my boyfriend has to hide anything he actually wants to keep because I (apparently) deem most things to be clutter and chuck them away :)

  7. Oh those boats look great! Have to remember this idea for my Christmas project!

  8. The boats are a great idea!
    I wanted to do some decluttering, but we got stuck for two hours on Sunday at the car wash, and after that we had to rush with lunch etc.

  9. the princess's boat is adorable!

  10. Love the boats :)

    I am decluttering one room/day at a time. I cant do it when the kids or David are home because they suddenly NEED the things I want to throw away - so I chuck them and they are none the wiser :-p


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