Monday, 9 January 2012

Back to work

So today is my first day at work for 2012 - seems not to be too hectic as some people are only opening a week from now. But yes, this year is going to be hectic work wise - I just know it. A big project and hopefully some others to follow.

We had a really great holiday - I think it is the first time since we got married that Hunter and I had such a long holiday together- 3 whole weeks. I of course, had another week before that. But it was good. But we have realized what we actually need is a week off together with the kids at school - in order to get things DONE. But nevertheless - a quick re-cap:

Week 1 I still had Lucy at home to look after the kids while I ran around doing various errands - it really was a bit hectic. I did make time to meet up with my dear old primary school friend Janine - it was great spending time with her. I also got to meet the fabulous Marieks - was great to meet at last. In amongst this all my car got serviced and I bought two big shelve units for the kids' rooms and moved most of their toys to their rooms - a great great move and so much easier to keep tidy. But it was busy - I realized later that I should have made a bit more time for myself.

Week 2 was spent in Mtunizini in North KZN = camping at the same ground we did last year, and it was fantastic. It is truly amazing to see what a difference a year makes with the kids. It was way way easier than last year. Way easier. We swam a lot, we ate a lot and we slept really well with great naps included. See here for some  pictures

Week 3 was Christmas and following on to New Years and my in-laws spent it with us. It was a week filled with time with the grandparents, afternoon naps, swimming and eating. Spending time with the extended family. More about Christmas later this week, but New Years hubby and I went to a propert party at friends. It was great fun.

Week 4 was just us 5 (+2 dogs) at home - which was a great move. Well, with Lucy there would have been better, but alas. It was filled once again with swimming, some afternoon naps, Hunter doing a mammoth job in the garage and us getting rid of a pile of baby stuff - selling some and donating the rest. I mostly minded the brood and did laundry etc. It was good to do this - just us all at home. We have not done this before.

So onto 2012 - may it be a great work year for all. This week it's Lucy and the kids at home until school starts on the 18th and yes, we have a birthday on Wednesday to celebrate when the Princess turns 7 - so lots to do there.

So what was your holiday like and are you back into the "normal" wing of things - whatever that might be?


  1. Sounds lovely :)

    We had a holiday like this year before last with lots of home time - it was great!

  2. Phoebe went back to school on 1/2, believe it or not, so last week, we were getting back to normal. Now, my surgery last Thursday, has now thrown normal out the window again, so I'm looking forward to when I can get back to a normal routine again. Happy New Year!!!

  3. Sounds fantastic...what I will do to have three whole weeks off;-) I wish you huge projects work wise and I wish you the best year ever.

  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic break. My holiday was divine. I REALLY enjoyed the camping and generally just hanging out with my boys.
    Started work in the middle of last week. Am STILL trying to get into the swing of things. Kids are going back on Wednesday so I guess my normal is on the way.

  5. I'm not sure what "normal" is but I don't think I'm there yet :) Still quite peaceful back on the work front (maybe I should leave my auto-responder on for a little while longer).

  6. A whole month off of work, right at Christmas time?? Amazing! I only got 7 days off this holiday. ;-(

    The camping sounds great - as you saw, we hope to get our kiddos camping this summer. Its been years since we've gone.

    Lil Miss is going to be 7!?!?! wow!!!!

  7. Sounds like you had a good holiday. Glad.
    Welcome back - I too started working again today. So far, so good :)
    I hope that not just for your company but for every company out there, that this will be a better year economy wise.

  8. Loved your recap!

    I'm slowly ploughing through my to comment blogs - the others I will just scan. I am back up over 100 after getting down to 85 last night. :)

    I think everyone needs to stop blogging for a bit :)

  9. Your holiday sounds great! 3 weeks helps... We only had two weeks, and it was not enough ;-)


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